Grandma Nanay was buried today.  She died of protein calorie malnutrition.  That’s what Dr. R said in the death certificate.  Malnutrition.  If I had the money, I would have snatched her up and she lived with me and I’d have fed her everyday with nutritious food.  If I had even more money, she would have been professionally taken cared of by Vander Gaditano. Of course I was given the hands off signal in this case so I knew death was inevitable and I cried my heart out long before when they told me hands off.

During Nanay’s burial today I took stock and looked around the room at all my relatives I’ve helped, how this wonderful healing knowledge has affected the lives of my loved ones.  Aside from Nanay being relieved of her constipation episodes when I get called upon as the person of last resort, others have benefitted:

– my brother only had strength left to make a phone call enough for us to rescue him in his apartment, he was festering alive and almost dead, now he’s fine, married and with a brand new baby boy!

– there’s our son Cush with his eczema at 1 year old, primary complex, intussusception, his colds and coughs, now I know the reason I am a manggagamot / healer, for this boy.  It was unfortunate he was drugged in eutero, for his mom’s heart condition.  But on the 2nd pregnancy his mom used chiropractors instead.  Plus this boy had all the vaccines, which we did not know were in fact harmful.  The perils of being first born.  The guinea pig.

– there’s our 2nd son Mish with his eczematic skin, much like my brother.  But this time I’m the father.  And this time we know exactly what it is and what to do.  His eczema is a coping mechanism.  The cooked diet of meat and rice is not optimal for him.  So long as he sticks to the normal cooked diet, he will have some eczema going on.  Shifting to a week of raw meat and raw fat and his skin totally clears up.

– there’s our girl Tash who has eczema too due to shampoo and allergic to chlorine in swimming pools which causes umpteen mucus formation.  Worst is her tooth decay.  Carb sensitive girl.  She needs high fat low carb so as not to lose all her teeth now and in the future.

– overcoming our own infertility and helping others cure theirs

– 2 aunts with with acid reflux

– there’s my wife’s uncle who had kidney cancer.

– there’s my sister in law who had a lump

– there’s my cousin who had eczema and his wife who had painful kidney stones

– my aunt who avoided gall bladder surgery

– my mother in law’s eczema

– my wife’s gout

– my provincial grandmother’s pneumonia when the hospital said she was going to die

– my provincial grandfather’s pneumonia when the hospital said he was going to die

– that 1 year old child with inexplicable mucus formation due to daily application of al camphore

– there’s my best friend in the hospital in abdominal pain crisis for 4 days, the hospital tests all came empty, I gave him apple juice and he checked out the following day.  His mother in law’s arthritis.

– And of course all the others who got cured of this and that in our country and around the world.  What a little information I personally said face to face or they merely read on my various websites.

What do I call this kind of medicine?

I call it “maski pops”, “maski-papaano”, use what works, whatever it is just do what is appropriate for the situation and access all the available professional resources you can muster.  Access the holistic practical crisis healer  Vander, access the anthroposophic Divina, access hospitals and MDs… and all other professionals and non-professionals.


Do what is right for the situation, for that particular person.

No I’m not turning pro.  There’s no money in real healing.  In fact, I spend for all these.  So it’s a negative cash flow for me.  I have my kids to feed so I need to stick to real business.

There are those who inexplicably just abhor the healing that I do.  They would dismiss and not read anything I post in my websites nor want to hear the stories of these successes.

Hello, the cure for cancer and other incurable diseases are here.  I know so and thousands of people around the world know so as well.  It’s not a joke.  It’s real.  Only the narrow minded hold on to the superstitions of incurables.

I am the family healer.  A manggagamot.  By necessity.  It feels good to live a life free from fear of diseases.