Okay blood relatives and especially descendants, here is a grand big warning for you.  Don’t you ever start on these idiotic birth control pills or other hormonal idiocies “they” are marketing to you.  At no point in time do birth control pills jive with any of my health paradigms.  You cannot get away with taking birth control pills and not having undesirable side effects.  In fact, before I had any holistic health education I had already inquired about these idiotic things and found them harmful.  I love my wife so much I never once thought that I should poison her for my own personal sexual entertainment.  We are now both health freaks and we are reaping the rewards.  She looks young, fresh, healthy and sexy… can’t say the same for our peers.

So the Pro-Life movement scores a big one for their Anti-Pill movement.  Great going and we wish you the best to inform the masses who are hoodwinked by rotten soul-less business profit models.


Dear Friend,

There is no other way to say it. The Pill Kills.

It kills babies, it kills women and, if that is not enough, it is also killing the environment! This isn’t an opinion; this is medical and scientific fact. Which Pill? Any and all birth-control pills on the market do this. Here are the ways the birth-control pill KILLS BABIES, WOMEN AND THE ENVIRONMENT:
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Despite being on the Pill, on an average of once per year, “breakthrough” ovulation occurs. If pregnancy results, the new innocent human life often times cannot implant due to changes in the uterine lining caused by the pill.

This is, by definiteion, chemical abortion, which is why we call the birth-control pill an “abortifacient” – that which causes an abortion!

The other possible outcome from an unintended pregnancy when the pill fails is frequently a surgical abortion, eight to 12 weeks later. Yes, surgical abortion is the “back-up plan” to the pill!


Studies have shown — and actual cases sadly confirm — that the pill increases women’s blood pressure, leading to heart failure, deep veinus thrombosis and pulminary embolism, which often results in death by stroke or by heart attack. It is also proven to increase a woman’s likelihood of getting breast cancer!


The Pill passes into our waterways via the sewer system, causing concern from scientists and environmentalists on how it is disrupting the natural “male-female” characteristics in fish and other aquatic animals, in addition to polluting our drinking water supply!

We need to get this message out to the American people, so we can educate the public, the politicians, the politicians, the policy makers and the judges. With your help, we can save many lives and many souls. The only way we will win the ultimate battle — protection for all preborn babies — is to expose how deadly the Pill really is.

The most dramatic and effective way is to do this through our creation and sponsorship of “Protest the Pill Day 2010 — The Pill Kills the Environment” that will be held TOMORROW, Saturday, June 5. We will have supporters rallying at Planned Parenthood clinics and other abortuaries coast-to-coast, witnessing for the Faith, counseling women and carrying distinctive green signs that say “The Pill Kills.”

We want our protest tomorrow to be so powerful that the media cannot ignore it!

We are receiving coverage in some media outlets, and thousands have flocked to our website, www.thepillkills.com in a very short period of time. More and more young people are using The Pill Kills web site as a main source of information every day!

This is an expensive, but essential undertaking. But with YOUR HELP and the grace of God, our message will be heard! I really need your prayers and your financial support today. Can I count on you for a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more? Please click here to help us with an urgently needed credit card gift, as time is short and we still have much to do!

Do you know someone who has had their life ruined or LOST due to the birth control Pill? We owe it to those who’ve lost their lives — the babies and the mothers. Surgical abortion is terrible. Chemical abortion is terrible. Both are soul-crushing and baby-killing, and both have resulted in – no other way to say it — dead babies and dead women.

So let us pray for the young women who are on the pill today. Let us continue to expose the facts and expose the lies and seduction that lead women to the pill, which, in turn, leads to chemical abortion, surgical abortion, the death of women and the loss of souls.

And if you can, please help us with a gift today. We invite you to join us tomorrow, if you can, at our many rallies –either the large one in Washington, DC, or the others around the states. Go to our website www.thepillkills.com for more urgent information.

As pro-lifers, we love all people. We at American Life League are working harder than ever to end the terrible scourge of abortion. We need your help today or we can’t save the lives that hang in the balance.

Please send a gift today. Please say a prayer today–and tomorrow–as we get the message out coast-to-coast that “The Pill Kills.”

Sincerely in the Lord who IS Life,

Judie Brown
President, American Life League

P.S. If you prefer to donate by check instead, please print out the form below and send with your check. Either way, we need your help today! God bless you.

The Pill Kills! Reply to Judie Brown

Dear Judie,

I agree with you that chemical and surgical abortion are horrific, and I support your efforts to bring the TRUTH to all Americans about the deadliness of the Pill – to both babies and women! To end this outrage and to cover the costs of our major The Pill Kills effort, to help save lives and souls today, enclosed is my gift of: $25, $50 or $________.

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Make checks payable to American Life League. God bless you and thank you!