It is 2010 – the 21st century and billions of people believe in that superstition called BRAS! How many more women must suffer pain? Suffer from lumps, masses, pain, circulation related illnesses because they were hoodwinked into the superstition of bras! I hear all the sufferings and for what? To make brassier manufacturers rich? So you say there is no conclusive double blind study that says bras cause breast cancer and all this injury? Are you going to bet your wives and daughters and wait 50 years for that kind of study to be funded and concluded? When any healer worth his salt can plainly, logically see what the toot is going on? Breast problems routinely relieved with the cessation of wearing bras.

Burn the bras. Don’t buy them. Wear a camisole if all you are so shy about is nipples. What? Everyone around you has nipple phobia? Cut some cardboard and tape it underneath your shirt. Goodness, my own grandma remembers they didn’t have bras when she was young. It wasn’t so long ago that bras didn’t exist. These inventions just came along less than 100 years ago. And what did women do in the last 2 million years? Bra less. It’s natural. It’s what nature intended.

There is no scientific health claim that bras enhance your health. Do any of your name brand manufacturers have a claim that to enhance your health you wear their product everyday? None.

Look, I’m not the first one to think out loud like this. Many others have written about this. Bras are bad for your health. And no daughters of mine need follow in the footsteps of this idiocy.

My opinion is that bras impede circulation. Oohh, blood that is needed to cleanse those organs, to oxygenate those parts, yet flow is impeded, then you get so scared of getting lumps? Goodness! The first aid to any breast pain or lump is to stop wearing the bra!

Support? Breasts don’t need support. You think you do? Years of false training starting with training bras. Train yourself to be a natural female human.

Enough of my blabbing, if you don’t believe me, then read up at Bra Free dot org.

If you would rather have a book, go buy the book: Dressed To Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras