Progress! Big mainstream store carries Don Croft Terminator Zappers! Oh my favorite zapper! We lost our 2 zappers like these in last year’s flood. My wife ordered last year but they never arrived. I don’t know what happened but I think her credit card was not charged. Now by luck I see the same product on Amazon! Wow! If you feel charitable, send me one as a gift okay?

So what is the big deal about the Don Croft Terminator Zapper? It works. It’s portable, handy, convenient. You can zap while doing things, there is no “down time” for you while you zap. You can zap while reading a book, while driving a car, while surfing the internet.

What is a zapper for? Zappers are broad spectrum anti-biotics. As explained by it’s inventor who gave the plans away for free for the whole world, parasites, bacteria and viruses have a mortality frequency and the zapper’s spectrum of operation kills them.

Remember, this little zapper healed my then 3 year old girl crying out in pain for several days with back of her neck pain with no relief from chiropractors or hilots, then we suspected an infection, but no test was ever needed, we just zapped with this little Don Croft Zapper and in 1 hour my girl stopped crying… cured. Whatever bug it was, it’s gone now.

Handy for emergencies. Every home must have one. My wife ate something nasty? She just zaps her tummy. Have an oncoming fever, zap away.

When my brother was deathly sick of terminal psoriasis with skin eruptions from head to toe, he zapped 24 hours a day. So did my wife’s uncle who had zapped 24 hours a day when he had kidney cancer.

This zapper is special as it is improved with orgone courtesy of Don Croft, it functions differently from other zappers.

Progress. A trusted store like Amazon carrying Don Croft Terminator Zappers. Buy yours today!