I want to repeat this statement as often as possible, “Raw Meat and Raw Fat are Super Foods Intended to Cure Many Diseases”.  I want a direct full on confrontation with the pro-vegetarian and pro-vegan zombies doing their idiotic protests, with not a care for the well-being of human beings.  You will have a higher success rate and much better health when you add raw animal meat and raw animal fat in you or your patients’ diet.

Diet change is probably the most important change that needs to be done to make a sick person well.  That diet will most probably a varient of constantly adjusting raw paleo diet.  Where raw paleo diet is defined as the original diet of human beings.  This is the diet before agriculture and before cooking.  Cooking made a larger variety of foods available for consumption, but these are sub-optimal.  Of the 3 classes of foods: animal foods, vegetation, fruits – raw foods of animal origin are the most important and eventually need to form a large portion if not a majority of the human diet.  Depending on the current condition of the patient, there is a large variety of choices and variations on this diet, enough to cure most conditions.

Why is diet change not often advocated?  Simply because the limitations of the healers themselves.  If they themselves have not used diet change as a tool for healing, they never fully understand it and will not be able to use it as a tool.   I am just lucky enough to have had the disease and the determination to self experiment while following the guidance of various experts on different diet strategies.  There are fruitarian, vegetarian, raw vegan and carnivorous diets and many different variants in between.  Each person experiencing different results.  Sometimes conflicting.  How is this resolved and studied?  Enter www.rawpaleoforum.com , a forum of charitable multi-diet practitioners who have been there, done that.  These are the mature, the experienced people who have gone around various diets.  And what do you know, the very last one to try, the diet most people try to avoid, a raw meat raw fat diet is one that works the most!

My challenge to current healers is to join www.rawpaleoforum.com and experiment yourself.  Learn what the rage is all about.  After a few months of experimenting with a raw paleo diet, you will understand what it feels, what it takes to be truly healthy, to be fully human.  There’s clear and advanced thinking, there’s the understanding of your body, there are the pleasant moods, there is the not being sick – feeling good all the time – which seems strange because on cooked diet because on a cooked diet there will be times when body detoxification cannot keep up and your body asks for a cease fire… you lapse into a fever, a flu, you don’t feel like eating for a few days and you need bed rest, you are absent from school or from work… and the sneeze of a sick individual makes you easily sick just as well… which does not happen when you are on raw paleo diet.

I shall repeat the important dietary components for good health “Raw Meat and Raw Fat are Super Foods Intended to Cure Many Diseases”.  Any honest diet practitioner will see it as plain as day.  Go and experiment.