It was very nice to hear a testimonial and thank you personally yesterday.  I was visiting a web services client and one of the ladies there thanked me for the website in behalf of her mother who had painful urinary tract infection.  She merely drank the avocado leaves tea concoction for a few days and everything went well.

Probably a similar episode a few years ago with that driver writhing in kidney pain but got cured over the weekend with the same tea.  Maybe it’s just the volume of the liquid or there is something special in the tea or both.  I wager both.

This kidney cleanse recipe originally came from my first herbalist Manang Lorna.  So if you are thinking of giving donations, you can send it through me and I will send it to her.  She lives in far away Morong, Bataan.

So what is this kidney cleanse recipe that’s good for urinary tract infections?  Visit