I have this principle that many internal problems can be solved without surgery.  That surgery should be the last and most desperate option when all other things have failed.  As such, you should know and be well armed with tools to cure internal problems.

For example, appendix removal can be avoided by cleansing the colon.  Emergency colon cleanses can be done with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and castor oil.  Intussusception via Castor Oil and Olive Oil Enemas. Cysts and masses may be reduced by various detox and body cleansing methods plus diet change.  Kidneys may be healed by diet changed and avert the need for transplants.

My point of view is that surgery is the worst case scenario.  Of course those who provide surgery service are more than gung ho to offer their services, simply because that is what they do.  But you and me as consumers, as customers have choices, we can choose to retain all our internal organs because we need all of them and we would never be the same with less.