So the H1N1 fiasco has finally come to an end. We warned you. Every altruistic healer around the world warned you that H1N1 is a scam. Do not take the vaccine they are pushing because it doesn’t work, H1N1 is just a rehashed set of symptoms renamed? It isn’t even fatal. Our Philippine health department called H1N1 as serious as catching sore eyes.

Check out the news:

(NaturalNews) Forty million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine are about to go up in flames, and another 30 million will soon meet the same fate. They’ve expired, you see, and despite the CDC’s best efforts to push flu vaccines on the American people, the industry still couldn’t find a way to offload seventy million doses of a vaccine that doesn’t even work. So crank up the incinerators!


And of course our good old activist healers like Aajonus Vonderplanitz of Primal Diet books and DVD fame tells us his opinion as to why you should never take the H1N1 vaccines.

This is just part 1 of 5 so please follow it up on YouTube.

Remember, vaccines don’t work. The fairy tale sounds nice, but it still does not work.