The following is a cancer cure testimonial of Ms. Susanne H. Mosca-Nunez. She wants you to spread the word that cancer is curable here and now. And you can contact her for her inputs!

My name is Susanne H. Mosca-Nunez. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma around 2000. (After many trips to ER where I was given pain-relief cocktails and sent home. I was diagnosed incorrectly and given medications including a big container of Vicodine which in fact worsened my condition.)

I lost a substantial amount of weight, was very pale from anemia, had lesions on my spleen and a positive bone marrow biopsy. I could barely walk and was very weak. I had pain attacks all day (throbbing escalating then slowing decreasing painful pains inside)(by the way, the doctors never could tell me the cause but I heard someone who had cancer say the they experienced it also?) My lymph node on my my neck was swollen and throbbing with pain.

Right away my oncologist said something like 9 chemotherapy cycles immediately or “I would die”. Praise the Lord who had months prior brought a vegetarian guest speaker to our church that sold health books afterwards… I had in my possession Healthy Journey to Ultimate Health by Janice Betz ( I recall saying to myself after reading it that, I would change some things in my diet but not give up meat, unless I was dying of a disease or something.

So here I was re-reading this book with a full blown disease. I ordered 3 of the Dr. Lorraine Day videos on how she reversed cancer ( I believed every word she said about diet and nutrition and watched them all day and night.

Despite being pressured by family, friends and doctors, I refused chemotherapy. I was afraid to put anything in my mouth but carrot juice and barley green from Halleluah Acres ( The videos encouraged me, gave me hope, gave me understanding, and direction.

I felt God leading me to Oasis of Hope Hospital (which was referred in the book also) and I completed the program. I was not doing very well and the cancer was winning despite all of the therapies and diet/juicing. My hemoglobin count was 5.6. I was seriously dying and they suggested chemotherapy “as a tool but not a cure”. I needed immediate 10 blood transfusions and did chemo one time. That gave me enough of a chance to reverse my cancer through diet and nutrition. (I still had cancer in me, lympnodes still visably large and low CBC’s)

I went home and followed all of the 10 steps from Dr. Day steps. Every week my CBC’s were slowly moving back to normal (my oncologist said “it was a miracle”) and my visits went from weekly to bi weekly to monthly ect….it’s been years. I have 3 beautiful little children and am a stay at home mom.

We do not vaccinate or take any medicines from the doctor. We go to an herbalist when we need to and have always gotten quick results.
We constantly research. Years of research..years of trying everything, we believe and would recommend

1.Clean out your colon, take herbs to loosen up the mucoid plaqe lining (Dr. Shultz has good ones at then parasite cleanse to get it all out.(bentinite clay and phsyllium works)

2. Heavy metal detox-chelation
liver/galbladder flush (we got some rocks out!)

3. No dairy, white sugar, white salt, white flour. No (factory) meat (we do eat organic, free range meat). As much raw organic fruits and vegetable diet, juicing and super food (Superfood from Dr. Shultz or Barley Green) Natural butters, cold pressed coconut (olive oil but not for cooking). Nuts, grains and seeds (strait from the Bible; fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds). to get your vitamin B17 in peach or apricot seeds.

4. Water- clean distilled or we use reverse osmosis but have just discovered Kangen Water ( and have been drinking alkaline water.

No disease can live in an alkaline body!

5. stay away from chlorine in water. use charcoal filters on showers and if you do swim in a pool, take probiotic (Garden of Life, Primal Defense) stay away from all products with alcohol, propolyne -we use all natural products from toothpaste to deodorant to soaps (we use Miracle Soap ll) not sure what site.

ALSO, I WILL TELL YOU WHAT WE REALLY HAS WORKED FOR US.. when my son was born with breathing issues, we put humidifier in the room but found it caused mold! made it worse, doctors said asthma and herbalist herbs were not working. My baby could not breath, so scary. If the alt. not working we had to use the nebulizer machine the doctors gave us. But when they wanted to give him steroids, we prayed for help.

We found Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).(sodium clorite) please look it up Edwin, I do not want to write the chemistry of it but you will understand when you do. Read Jim Humble’s story of how he realized that it doesn’t just purify water (kill parasites, viruses, bacteria, germs, worms etc..) If you drink it, it does the same in your body. Anyway look it up! One time, to my baby and he has never had breathing issues again. When we are sick, one dose and we get better.

Big raw,tumor looking growth (size of a lemon) just kept growing on my husbands knee. I got photos, and he tried everything, herbs, cleansing etc.. anyway when he finally took MMS it started shrinking. he stopped and it stayed the same, he continued and it went away. this just happened. We are convinced.

Anyway, we do not eat raw fish or meat. We know the answer is fruits and veggies but it is hard to even find nutrition in those now in these days with GMO. so we started our own garden and heirloom seeds. anyway let me stop before I write a book.

Just some info I wanted to share. please look up
– miracle soap
– look into kangen water or alkalized water
– and especially google Jim Humble or Miracle Mineral Solution.

Thank you for your interest in my testimony,

Susanne H. Mosca-Nunez


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