The Dengue Fever Cure website was soft re-launched today! Lately in the news, we have been hearing about many dengue fever deaths again. Some in epidemic proportions. Some in foreign countries. Now those foreign countries need our help. They are not familiar with dengue fever, but we are.

When already sick, the Tawa Tawa weed when boiled will restore platelet count in 1 day. Grab a bunch, cut off the roots, boil the weeds and drink the whole day.

If you are challenged to find Tawa Tawa weed because you do not know what it looks like, you can use freshly juiced Kamote tops, 1 bunch pounded, add 1 glass of purified water. Drink every 2 hours.

Dengue fever is supposedly a weak disease, it becomes only vicious when the sick is given DRUGS. Fever lowering drugs are known hemorrhagic agents causing dengue stricken people to bleed to death. My friend, the great healer Vander Gaditano believes the use of MSG in food or soup is a prime cause of dengue fever exacerbation.

Of course the sick needs his bed rest and absolutely no solid food. The body needs to concentrate on healing right now. The sick is usually not hungry.

When the recovering dengue sick eventually does get hungry, feed only easy to digest raw food. Raw juiced veggies, raw fresh fruit, or raw animal meats like raw fertilized eggs, raw sashimi, raw beef sashimi. Food must be of the easiest to digest type.

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