“Artist recovers from crippling arthritis!” Rick Bordeau has fully regained the use of his hands and can now do his artistic work again. Thanks to Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ Primal Diet Books!

I wager if he knew about Quantum Minerals Plus from the Philippines as a direct application on his hands, he’d have been well in less than a month. But it goes to show that ingestion of lots of raw fat does the same trick internally as well.

This is a wonderful success story told by Rick himself. How he was slowly crippled from one finger, to the whole hand, to two hands. When he saw how his own wife recovered from irritable bowel syndrome via raw fat and raw meat, he got curious and began taking the lubricating formula. This is a fat fat fat formula of raw eggs, raw butter, raw olive oil in a tried and tested combination. At first he began eating raw 3x a week, then 5x a week, then full raw 7x a week. In a few short months he was fully cured of arthritis… plus other ailments that bugged him.

Look at the couple, so thankful to Aajonus and his books, his experience and his ideas. I’d like to thank Aajonus myself.