Hey Sergey, I just read on the Telegraph you are looking for a cure / prevention for Parkinson’s disease. Hint, the genetic angle is a cop out for personal responsibility. It’s what you eat that matters immensely. The food you eat must be pure and nutritious at the same time. The food must be compatible with your species… you are human, right? So you eat human food. Which is mostly raw animal food, raw meat, raw fat (grass fed or wild) – and some organic / wild fruit in season, since you will be eating a raw paleolithic diet, you will not need so much plain water. Plain water sucks anyway, get coconuts and water melons.

The initial website to visit is http://www.rawpaleodiet.com and the accompanying forum is http://www.rawpaleoforum.com where the gathering of some very experienced international practitioners hang out. Most of us have made it through the rain, we are the cured, we are the victorious. So we have the gumption to share our global experiences and you eventually find your own truth.

Raw paleo diet, high raw fat, low carb works because it is the nutrition meant for humans. You supply your body with the optimum fuel it needs and it is on auto repair and running smoothly and will be improving to its full potential for years to come.

Hey Sergey, those are altruistic websites. There’s no catch. This is what we are proud of, altruism and critical thinking is in such short supply these days.

I encourage you to sign up as a member, use a pen name, you don’t have to state your real name yet, and don’t worry either, we do not get star struck over there. You are just as human as we all are.

This is a time where you personally have to do the reading. You cannot ask your secretary to do the reading at rawpaleoforum.com for you. You have to ask the questions yourself. You have to do the diet experiments yourself.

So I hope this message gets to you. Be well for a long time. One of these days we will meet, hey, we should all live past 100 so that’s a very long time.