“Anti Aging and lots of energy!” She used to have rashes, heart palpitations, various illnesses. She was not doing well at 60.

Youthful looking 70 year old Diane Mc Donald started the Raw Meat, Raw Fat, Primal Diet 10 years ago when she was 60 to reduce a thyroid tumor. Immediately, the tumor stopped growing. And after 10 years is now very small. She avoided thyroid tumor surgery.

As a bonus, her eyesight has improved. Her optometrist measured her new glasses and gave her 3 prescriptions lower than her original glasses. Readings show a 50% improvement in one eye and a 33% improvement in another eye.

Plus she’s got a lot of energy and she looks pretty good and pretty young for a 70 year old.

All this on Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ Primal Diet.