Personally, I prefer not to drink any water. My best water distiller is nature, coconut trees that produce coconuts. I prefer drinking coconut water, eating coconut meat, eating watermelons and melons, and eating citrus.

There are times when I’ve got none of the above, so I resort to reverse osmosis water plus squeeze calamansi in the water and add a touch of honey. I effectively re-mineralize or alkalize my reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis is good enough for Manila water because we only have chlorine to remove. Our municipal water is not fluoridated.

If you live in North America or Europe, then chances are, your water is fluoridated and reverse osmosis will not do.

Do you have any kidney problems? Fluoridation may be the culprit.

Get yourself a home water distiller to remove fluoride and any other harmful chemicals in your municipal water. Remember that water piped into our houses is a modern convenience, but it is not safe to drink at all.

Waterwise 4000 distiller

Waterwise 4000 distiller

Product Description

WaterWise 4000 Water Distiller Features & Specifications Waterwise Model 4000 Water Distiller nbsp The WaterWise 4000 is perfect for the small family and is compact enough for a small apartment or dorm room.nbsp It produces 1 gallon of fresh, clean, pure, filtered water in 4 hours and can produce up to 6 gallons a day.nbsp Perfect for an RV, campers and more.nbsp Using the Water Wise 4000 is easier than drinking the water it produces!nbsp Just fill the removable boiler with with regular tap water, plug it in and push the start button.nbsp This unit has an automatic shut-off after the boiling cycle is finished.nbsp The 1 Gallon GE Lexan collector jug comes with the unit and can easily be removed and put in your refrigerator for cold water.nbsp You can also purchase an extra jug strictly for your refrigerator to keep a steady supply of filtered water on hand. Steam distillation removes harmful substances such as: Arsenic Aluminum Chloride Chlorine Chloroform Copper Fluoride Lead MTBE Mercury Nitrates Sodium Sulfate Trihalmothane Bacteria Viruses Features: Quality constructed – easy to use Stainless steel boiler Removes 99% of unwanted impurities 4 hours distillation time – up to 6 gallons a day Made in the China 3-Prong Plug Appliance style design Automatic shut off Post carbon treatment system 1 Gallon GE Lexan water collector Detachable Power Cord 9 Pounds UL Listed CSA Certified Includes one filter (each filter typically lasts 3-6 Months) 1 year Warranty Specifications

I would like to thank my teacher Barefoot Herbalist MH for teaching this long term survival tool. Your kidneys will thank you for it. Your kidneys will serve you will and clean your blood for a long time. Think of water distillers as your longevity tool.

Remember to squeeze a lemon or an orange into your distilled water before drinking.