I will begin a series of posts laying out the basic paradigms this Cure Manual. The western-pharmaceutical-medical model recommendation of being bacteria phobic about food and recommending all food be sanitized and cooked to death is a travesty and a disaster causing ill health to many humans. This is where I disagree with Hulda Clark who wants to zap all our food before we eat them. We humans need a lot of good bacteria in our raw meat and raw fruit and raw vegetables because these bacteria enhance our digestion, these are our friends.

In many countries today, food is sprayed and chemically washed and irradiated and zapped to sanitize them of all germs. Then they are cooked to the core. Then this dead food is fed to unsuspecting humans who pay the price with ill health. Digestion not optimal, constipation a common way of life.

What we need is organic raw vegetables. Do not soak them in fluoride and chlorine contaminated water. Wash gently with spring water or purified water and enjoy raw. What we need is organic fruit, raw fruit with all the rich bacteria with it. What we need is organic / wild raw animal meat and raw animal fat you can discern that is from a healthy animal and enjoy pure and fresh and raw with all its bacteria. To enhance the amount of bacteria for bacteria depleted people, aging meat exposed to the air ensures it gains in gut friendly bacteria.

Which bacteria are bad bacteria? These are the ones in meat or fruit or vegetables that have been sealed in the refrigerator in plastic containers… or any containers where they are not allowed to “breath”. This is why you get best results with your food in the refrigerator if they are open in the refrigerator air. This is why meat is hung in the open air by the butcher, this is why I hang my meat in the refrigerator… to gain good bacteria.

Tasting is believing. Meat that is sealed of air decomposes using a different process and tastes awful. Meat that is matured in the open air in the refrigerator taste good. I eat my hung meat in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks. I chose a refrigerator with wire slots as the rack so I can hang some stainless steel hooks for my meat. It can hang up to 3 kilos.

With a lot of good friendly bacteria as our friend in raw food, daily supplied, we have little to fear from bad bacteria or bad fungi. Our friends watch over us, our friends have us digesting properly, our friends allow us to poop easily.

The original human diet is a raw paleo diet. The diet before agriculture, the diet before cooking. Join http://www.rawpaleoforum.com and learn how to practice the originally specified and optimal human diet.