The difference between cooked animal fat and raw animal fat is night and day. One is corrupted and one is pure and natural. The problem with 21st century common thinking is that people consume corrupted fats everyday in cooking oil and processed foods. Humans are fativores, we just love fat, and since people have been deprived of natural raw animal fats, they gravitate towards any fat and these seed oil fats and cooking oil fats and trans fats are very very much inflammation causing and damaging.

Many of the new cooked meat paleo diet have started to correct the notion that animal fat is good. But they mistakenly promote cooked animal fat. Cooked animal fat is nowhere as good as raw animal fat. You will notice you cannot eat much cooked animal fat as it feels toxic, but you can easily consume loads of raw animal fat.

A clue you will find is in liver flushing. You will see the most common liver flushes all employ raw fats: raw egg yolks, raw extra virgin olive oil – because our human bodies work that way, our liver responds well to raw fats.

Raw animal fat is very good for all of us. The key is raw. The animal fat must be raw. Raw ANIMAL FAT is superior to raw fruit fat. Raw fruit fat is a far secondary fat to raw animal fat. Raw animal fat can come from grass fed land animals and ocean wild animals. Raw animal fat can be likened to a “parent essential oil / fat” – unprocessed – as pure as mother nature makes it. This pure raw animal fat hydrates us, lubricates us and nourishes us. It is raw animal fat that is missing on the modern 21st century diet.

Do you wonder why people get benefits from drinking fish oil supplements or other omega 3 supplements? It is simply because they are so fat deprived any little thing however processed and isolated will do. But give people the real thing like a fatty raw blue marlin sashimi or raw bone marrow and you get instant tremendous health. The shivering cold feelings stop in a day, the stroke victim gets to drive his own car again in a few weeks, those cancerous cysts are cleaned out and disappear.

The old food pyramid with fat on top and very small is absolutely wrong. You may even want raw animal fat to be something like 1/3 to 1/2 of the calories you consume in a day. As the healer Aajonus Vonderplanitz says, raw fats hydrate us, lubricate us, nourish us, clean us. And with 21st century pollution, we need all the cleaning help we can get.

When healing kidney degradation, the solution is not found in water, it is found in raw fat. Kidneys were not designed to filter out that much water in our system. There is a process by which we use fat for hydration and this is easier on the kidneys.

It is the consumption of raw animal fat that allows us to eat a lot more raw protein to be used to repair and build our body without adding stress and damage to kidneys.

It is a high fat diet that assures steady blood sugar levels, ending that mostly mindless eating disease called diabetes. Sedentary adult modern humans are not designed to consume that much carbohydrates on a regular daily basis. Mindless eating is the daily consumption of insane amounts of carbohydrates in sugar, wheat, corn, rice and other starches as if they were teenagers.

None of those for-drug-profit studies on heart disease are ever related to the consumption of raw animal fats or raw plant fats. Consuming raw fats will stop inflammation and is the key to reversing heart disease and any kind of inflammation related diseases. Why? That is just the way things are. Raw animal fat is what you have been missing all these years, take your health back. Eat raw animal fats:

– raw blue marlin is fatty
– raw bluefin tuna is fatty, yellowfin tuna so so fatty only, you can get tuna belly
– raw beef live muscle fat is great, sheep too.
– raw beef bone marrow is great too, sheep too.
– raw fertilized eggs are fatty too.

Good plant fats are extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil, but they are far secondary fats. And they don’t taste as good as raw animal fats. Avocado fruit may be fatty too, depends on the variety.

Eating lots of raw fat will make you slim. A high fat low carb diet is the easiest and most delicious tummy filling diet that immediately gets you to your ideal weight with very little effort, in fact, it’s so enjoyable and downright satisfying, if everyone knew about this, they’d all be slim. Dream about those rare or raw steaks every day. Yummmmmm………..