Sexual reproduction is a core human function, a core human instinct. Just like we should not corrupt our taste buds so we can get proper nutrition, we should not corrupt our sexuality with contraceptives as they almost always will find a way to swing into balance in a way we usually would not expect. The only effect of not contracepting is the possibility of more children. While the side effects of contracepting are far far far more complicated, unpredictable and common side effects sometimes unacceptable.

On the health side, contraceptive marketing is built on lies about SAFE sex as if sex was dangerous in the first place. As if sex brings about disease in the SECOND place. Two obvious lies, but the contraceptive users actually believe those pitiful marketing lines. As if contraceptives prevented the spread of disease… no it does not.

Otherwise nice people are victimized by contraceptives and turned into the monsters they aren’t supposed to be. Take TonyaT11 posting at sharing her IUD horror story:

I can not believe I didn’t do my research before getting my Mirena iud put in! I got mine put in around Jan/Feb 2010 and it is now June. I have been going to the same ob/gyn for 10 years and when he said IUD and it lasting 5 years I was all for it, because he knew me….right? I am 26 years old and have two children and a new marriage (1 yr in July) the kids are 6 yrs and 9 months. Since the insertion I have had the following symptoms (from begining to now) which I thought was because of lifes changes.

BLEEDING for 3-4 months straight
VAGINAL INFECTIONS- chunky discharge, musky smell (I had always been prone to them)
ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, RAGE, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, no interest in my kids or even leaving the house. I started going to see a psychiatrist and I am now on 2 anti-depressants, adhd meds and anxiety meds.
WEIGHT GAIN, which I had lost all baby weight prior to this IUD.
ALWAYS TIRED, I mean always……not one thing gave me energy.
I was at the point where I was going to check myself into a looney hospital or run away from my husband and kids. YES it has been that bad!!!!!

In the past 5 months, my husband and I have lost the closeness we used to share. I don’t want to touch him and I get irritated when he touches me. I have always been a sexua| person and for me not to want to have sex is depressing on its own. It has caused my husband to question my love and attraction to him! We fight all of the time now, in the past couple of days it has gotten worse and I started researching marriage counseling. For some reason I decided to google Mirena and OMG, I am not alone and I am NOT crazy! I am so thankful that others have shared there stories, I have made so many people around me worry about me because I wasn’t “me”.

My children have also suffered, I don’t want to even be around them much when before, I was a very active mother. I feel horrible for all of the anger my 6 yr old has seen, but I am glad I may have found out why!

I am calling the Dr tomorrow to get in immediatly to have this thing removed! I miss being me! I hope this helps someone else before they make this horrible decision. I am now afraid to even consider another form of birth control beside condoms…….we will see! Thanks again everyone!

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Thank you for sharing your story Tonya. I hope you learned something from it.

I appreciated fertility more when my wife and I battled secondary infertility. That hurt so bad and made you feel so helpless it makes you appreciate what a gift being reproductively capable we are. We need all the babies we can bring forth. Not all babies will survive to adulthood even if we tried. We need spares. Never incapacitate yourselves with ligation or vasectomies. My cousin suicided himself at 16. If his parents still had their reproductive faculties intact, the pain would have been easier to overcome with a replacement. It’s better to always have loaded and healthy reproductive organs, you never know when you might need it. It’s not as if people these days have abundant healthy reproductive bodies to begin with.