Here is the way I think about food, herbs, electro medicine and drugs, they all have their time and place. Food and drink is what we consume every single day, 5 times a day or maybe more so you must see to it you do this right and consistently right. This takes preparation, planning, investing, learning. Since I got sick, got well and got healthier, I have zeroed in on a raw paleolithic diet (RPD) and its variants as the health giving GOLD standard baseline for all humans. Any type of healing begins here. RPD is raw meat and raw fat, raw vegetables, raw fruit and raw nuts in proportions suitable for your current condition and availability of foods.

Within a raw paleo diet there are enough combinations and variety of foods available that can and will help you correct whatever illness you are in. You need to know enough and be able to practice a raw paleo diet for a few days to heal whatever you have got. Of course when you see just how magically self healing your body and mind is on raw paleo diet, you may just want to stick around longer and enjoy the healthy ride. On to nutritious raw paleo diet, there are special animals and animal parts that may be more nutritious than the usual muscle and back fat. You should get into the habit of eating organ meat like raw liver, raw heart, raw kidneys as they provide nutrition far beyond the usual muscle meats at minute quantities. For some it may be easier to eat raw clams or raw oysters or tiny raw fish. Special fats may come from bone marrow for true stem cell treatments.

Raw Paleo Diet by itself is a healing treatment. These are the safest, non-allergenic, fully human compatible, anti-inflammatory, cleansing foods in the planet. Do it for a couple of months and watch all your disease symptoms disappear.

When do herbs come in? Raw Paleo Diet first to load up on nutrition. Herbal manipulations are effective when the sick is loaded with nutrition. If your disease condition from the normal Standard Urban Junk Food Diet has severely impaired your internal organs, then you may need assistance. Colon cleanses, kidney cleanses, liver flushes and whatever detox protocols you may have may assist your body to be manipulated in the direction of healing. Herbs are mere tools. They are temporary tools. There is no such thing as lifetime herbs. Those are just marketing gimmicks like those lifetime drug gimmicks.

When does electro-medicine come in? If you knew the electro medicine tools available and that tool is more appropriate then use it. Currently I have in my arsenal zappers, beam ray and pyroenergen. Zappers are broad spectrum antibiotics. Beam Ray is precise antibiotics, pyroenergen is an aura correcting tool. Again, these are mere tools.

When do drugs come in? If your case is an emergency and organized western MD hospitals are the experts at trauma care, then since you are under their handling, you will take their drugs in their emergency room since that is what they know. But be wary and know yourself as what they do know and what you know about yourself only you can reconcile and decide. There have been times in my life as the father and decision maker where I refused certain drugs even in an emergency case simply because I knew they were wrong. For example the steroids being pushed to my brother who had deathly psoriasis that may have outright killed him, and the anti-spasmodic drug which may have impaired my son’s intestines when he suffered from intussusception. Drugs have a time and place, you have to know when to agree to using them. They are the last choice.

Food is always the first choice because our human bodies know what to do with food. There are no side effects and no overdoses. And food works really well and fast. Herbs being still natural are expected by the body and well tolerated. While drugs are there to manipulate the body and suppress certain symptoms at the same time earning the pharma company a patent monopoly so it can make billions of dollars. There are generic drugs that have stood the test of time, and sometimes they are more effective. Just ask your veterenary doctor, they are into using old tried and tested generic drugs on animals, and they are just as effective on humans. Drugs are absolutely my last choice in the list.

Maintenance drugs for diseases are absolutely worthless and must never be used. They manipulate the body in a strange way to make you feel good by covering up symptoms and not addressing the root cause. It’s so obvious that if you have a thorn under your foot, you merely remove the thorn, the root cause… but maintenance drugs are there to merely stop your body from feeling the pain of the thorn, all the while the thorn remains stuck under your foot. That is just disgusting marketing and disinformation.

If you knew that merely changing your diet to that of the original human diet, a version of the raw paleo diet that is right for you, and this cured all your diseases, you would surely choose this path and drop all herb usage, drop all drug usage. True freedom, true health is drug free, herb free. Food is the best medicine. It always has been. The original human diet is called a raw paleo diet. Look it up. Everyone of us can be healthy and disease free every day.