So much misunderstanding and so much hearsay rumors in forums I just have to contribute my knowledge about Hulda Clark’s contributions as I read her books first hand from cover to cover and have applied a good deal of her knowledge but I have gone on to improve upon Clark’s research. Beyond parasites, beyond sterilizing food to consuming raw food, raw meat, high in bacteria meat.

I’m the family healer so here are my 2 cents on Clark.

#1 – She is very good at pollution avoidance – you had better read what she has to say about that.

#2 – Her parasite regurgitation of old studies has merit – do not mis-understand her – she makes it clear that the parasites migrate to organs where they should not be and cause havoc – because the human is polluted. You must balance this with Aajonus’ view of parasites why they are beneficial and Andreas Moritz as to why you should not do parasite cleanses. It’s a case to case basis, you make the call when a situation arises.

I stock herbal dewormers because they have saved us from misery, amoebiasis usually.

#3 – She contributed zapper plans for the world. Open source. Many have improved it. It works. Yes really. This has saved my then 3 year old girl from some kind of encephalitis on her nape / neck where she was in pain for 3 days and no chiropractor ever healed her neck. But just 1 hour of zapping cured her.

#4 – She inspired thousands of liver flushers on, she claims her method with epsom salts is superior. That is debatable. I am a veteran of many different liver flushes and her method is just one of those options out there.

#5 – She inspired kidney cleanses with herbs – though there are others with probably more effective solutions.

#6 – She inspired herbal dewormers, though she was not a master herbalist, she did listen to master herbalists who made improvements and comments to her old formula, and she did make improvements as she realize them.

#7 – her zapper invention and mentioning of raymond royal rife inspired others to resurrect rife machines successfully. Beam ray and others work really well.

#8 – she made biological dentistry popular – pointed out mercury fillings and that root canals are a root cause of disease and should never be done.

Clark is an inspired constant honest researcher.

There are things I disagree with her:

I disagree on zapping every food to death.
I disagree with her supplements and chemical vitamins – when food can do it better.
I disagree with the complexity of her cancer cure protocols with supplement combination use when super foods ala gerson protocol are easy enough to do and does not have to be so exact.

But she’s honest. If she had been shown the things we diet professionals and fasting pros do, then she may have learned those too.

All in all, she has contributed much to the debate and body of healing knowledge out there.

She inspired me to be very thorough about looking at health from many different angles and they all contribute something.

Hulda Clark was no raw foodist. It’s true from a raw paleo diet point of view, Hulda Clark’s ideas holds very little use. She did not go far enough in her education. If she did, she’d be a raw paleo dieter like us. I personally think practicing a raw paleo diet as the default lifestyle eliminates the need to use most of the above. We get the germs on our side. The germs work for us. The germs become our friends.