Let this be a warning to all you true health seekers: Vegans are Not Interested in You or Themselves Getting the Best Health Possible — even if you are sick. They are more interested in their “cuddly” animals’ welfare than YOUR welfare. So they will recommend second rate nutrition and skip over / ignore animal nutrition. Such a disservice for the sick people. These vegans do a disservice by misrepresenting the “health community” with demagoguery worship of “animal rights.”

Here is a recent example in the Curezone.com forums. There are people who rave about flaxseed oil. Sure, flaxseed oil in combination with cottage cheese is a godsend for some people with certain types of cancer. Then some people think about just flaxseed oil for some omega 3 precursor… not the complete kind. So watch what happens when I suggest that RAW ANIMAL fat may be better than flaxseed oil:

There are better fats than flax seed:

– fertilized organic egg yolks from duck / chicken / goose – raw
– grass fed bone marrow of beef – raw
– fish fat / fish oil from fatty fish sashimi – raw
– grass fed beef back fat – raw
– raw butter

The magic word is RAW ANIMAL FAT.

You will find RAW ANIMAL FAT is superior to plant fats.

JohnEastwood replies with:


for you…maybe.

for me…no way

but thanks for your message.

i am sold on the effect of the multiple bonds in flax seed oil when combined with sulfurated protein… as researched by Joanna Budwig…besides all that death for raw animal fats….turns my stomach im afraid.


Note that he is SOLD on the idea of flaxseed… he has not experimented with raw animal fat… so he cannot compare which one works better on his current condition.

And like a brainwashed vegan… he cannot stand the death of animals to get their raw animal fats.

Then ChrisB replies:

May be.
but I have an empathy with those poor dear animals who are slaughtered to meet your needs.
Plants do not have a nervous system and succumb to being eaten much more easily and readily.

RyanD recognizes the vegan conspiracy against health which keeps people sick because their nutritional needs are incomplete:

Ahah!CB1, So you are a religious fanatic I thought so! You see good samaritan it doesn’t matter to them what is healthier if it doesn’t fit into their religious beliefs! You are wasting your time trying to reason with them!

Although they will continue with their dogma until eating meat will be against the law,, part of the veganazi agenda!

Conversations from http://www.curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1629129

Note that ChrisB at least recognizes the possibility that raw animal fat may be a better alternative to flaxseed oil… BUT… BUT… his vegan mindset stops him from even trying or suggesting to other people to try out raw animal fat because of those “POOR DEAR ANIMALS who are slaughtered to MEET YOUR NEEDS.”

So what is wrong with MEETING PEOPLE’S NEEDS???

If a couple of dozen fertilized duck eggs needs to be consumed by the sick human so he can cleanse and nourish his sick body… is that so bad? Would you deny that sick person the raw animal nutrition he needs?

If raw beef bone marrow will help a stroke victim completely recover, would you deny him his second chance at life?

Vander Gaditano my healer friend cures cancers routinely with his version of the Gerson Protocol which adheres to the original formula using organic fresh raw goat livers plus organic vegetables and organic fruits… those cancer cured people would never have made it without the raw goat livers. All hail and thank you to those healthy goats… they made these healings possible. Would you deny goat livers to the cancer sick because you love the goats more than people?

But watch what happens when it is the vegans’ personal health that succumbs to their own vegan folly… they capitulate and consume animal products themselves! They consume ants (David Wolfe), they consume dairy (Paul Nison), they consume fish (Chrisb), they consume raw red meat (Daniel Vitalis). All empty propaganda when it is they themselves who are suffering. Note that ChrisB in recent months has admitted to consuming fish because his body NEEDS TO. He says he’s not too happy about consuming fish but HAS TO and is fervently looking to alternatives so he can eliminate fish from his diet.

Raw veganism is merely a treatment tool for over proteinized bodies. Raw veganism should be temporary. There are absolutely zero raw vegan tribes or civilizations in human history.

True Healers are PRO-LIFE. PRO-HUMAN-LIFE. PRO-YOUR-LIFE! True Healers will use all the tools for healing available to heal you. Those plants and animals are there to serve us humans. Those animals and plants are farmed, cultivated, made plenty in a sustainable manner for our human consumption. It is in our best interest that the plants and animals are healthy and harvested humanely because they will give us the best nutrition possible. The battle cry is HUMANS FIRST!