There are times when my Good Samaritan persona rubs people the wrong way. For example the cooked paleo diet forum someone sacrificed himself by attending an end of cancer chemotherapy celebration with apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Goodness gracious! Let’s repeat that: cancer + chemotherapy + apple pie + vanilla ice cream = straight to doom… doom… doom… doom…

Now I reply that “apple pie and vanilla ice cream are PRO-CANCER.
Bad celebration.” And someone replies that there is a place and time to bring it up. And another says that my reply was “not cool.”

Geezzzz, this IS a great time to bring it up. The bad celebration was over, let’s discuss this for what it really was. That household, their mindset, their cancer, their treatment, their food was everything and anything suicidal and in the quest to add more suffering and more unhealth… and they are happy poisoning themselves???

I have a role to play and my role is to tell you THE TRUTH. Cancer truth hurts. But someone has to say it:

Sheesh – come on guys, spite at me for all you care to spite.

Truth speech gets rewarded by spites?

You don’t like reading about cancer TRUTH?

Sure, truth hurts. Chemotherapy is the WRONG way. Just as Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream is the WRONG way.

So how are people EVER going to get well from cancer?

Definitely not this case.


If you ever want to know how to really cure cancers, I do write about it for free and teach it for free. It’s pretty easy when you know how.

In case you don’t know, I cured my wife’s uncle of kidney cancer and I cured my plumber of liver cancer. All for free. Plus my friend who is a professional healer cures cancers for a living.

Inspired by this bit of conversation I just called my plumber Mang Ben, asked how he was. He’s now 59. He has regained his erection. He lost his erections for more than a year. He’s now happy, his wife is happy, they get to have sex again at their age. Now isn’t that nice? Some 2 years ago he was diagnosed with liver cancer and given 6 months to live, now he’s having sex again.

Why? Because Mang Ben chose to listen to the truth, to cancer truth. And he is reaping the rewards for hearing the truth.

So would you rather I sugar coat my words and LIE to you? Pat you on the back? For what? Something I know is truly and awfully harmful?

Let’s repeat that: cancer + chemotherapy + apple pie + vanilla ice cream = straight to doom… doom… doom… doom…

Click here for Mang Ben’s Liver Cancer Cure story.