Evita Ramparte shares her ovarian cancer cure experience with a raw vegan diet and getting rid of her toxic relationships. Not only was she cured of ovarian cancer, but a few years later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy! Rawesome!

Do you see how EASY it is to cure cancer? Do you see how ignorant Evite Ramparte’s old doctor was? Her doctor did not know the cure of cancer yet was quick to suggest the usual chemotherapy, surgery tired old toxic and futile procedures! Did you see how her old doctor was in DISBELIEF that she cured her cancer with very simple techniques?

Hello 2010 people! The age of the internet is upon us. WAKE UP to the new reality and discard your pre-historic, barbaric western medical failed paradigms! Time to take out the trash. Go with what works! Follow the cured! This is where holistic healers come in… pick your healers carefully.

It’s as if Evita Ramparte read this curemanual.com… no she did not… it is just that true cures follow the same paradigms and patterns.

Cancer is curable. Now. Today. This lady Evite and so many other examples following these same easy truth in health principles and getting well.

As usual. Don’t get carried away with the raw vegan diet for long term. At some point all those raw vegans will run out of gas and have animal vitamin deficiencies which can only be met by eating RAW ANIMAL FOOD. The magic is RAW ANIMAL FOOD plus raw vegetables plus raw fruit for complete nutrition and clean nutrition at the same time.

So everyone, enjoy this video, be inspired. If you are sick, infertile, cancer diagnosed, it’s not too late. This cancer cure manual is here free and waiting for you to read.

How Cleansing Cures Cancer: Evita Ramparte’s Story from Allison Biggar on Vimeo.