I just joined the Above Top Secret conspiracy forum and someone asked me what the “secret” to curing incurable diseases was. Let me share with how I answered this question:

Google for “The Cure Manual” or visit curemanual dot com

The outline is in the right side.

Correct Paradigm
Correct Diet (raw paleo diet)
Detox Protocols
Pollution Avoidance
Nurturing Stuff

It’s not a secret.

It’s the blinders people have when they believe the medical / pharmaceutical paradigms that teach everything upside down. That is the big conspiracy.

Pasteurized Milk is bad for you
Wheat is bad for you
Soya Soy is bad for you
All processed food is bad for you
Low Fat Diet is making people ill
High Carb diet is making people ill
The food paradigm is absolutely wrong
Drugs don’t work, cause more disease, more illness, death
It is chemotherapy that kills people with cancer.
If a doctor recommends chemotherapy to you, run away.
Veganism leads to malnutrition and infertility.
Paleo Diet is the right way to be healthy, raw paleo diet is the basis for curing incurable diseases.
The bacteria / germ theory is mostly wrong.
Electro-medicine works: beam ray, zappers, pyroenergen, etc.

There is no way people will get well from incurable diseases if they stick with the hospital / medical / pharmaceutical paradigm.

So if you are looking for your medical insurance to cure you of your incurable disease by taking you to the hospital, you are doomed.

You combine the diet of Raw Paleo Forum and the detox protocols of Curezone and you have a winner.

You must know how to read and participate in internet forums.  This is the way you can get cutting edge, clarified information for your needs.  So sign up on those forums and start asking and start socializing.