After going around several healers for analysis, here is what I have summarized as the cause and cure of Uncle A’s lung cancer. Uncle A is 60. Let me be clear that Uncle A has refused any biopsy to “western medically” determine if the mass / growth in his upper right lung is malignant or not. But judging from his fast weight loss and his haggard look, and what the other healers told me, it is safe to assume cancer and proceed with the cancer cure cure protocol just the same.

Some explanation to the uninitiated about biopsies. No biopsy is ever harmless. Biopsies are FULLY HARMFUL. Explanation lies with the very real definition of a cancerous tumor. The body creates tumors to protect the body from the most toxic, poisonous toxins. Therefore tumors are poison laden bags. Puncturing tumors as in needle biopsies defeats the entire body purpose of creating tumors in the first place. Poisons are released to the blood because of the puncture… poisoning the entire body.

Why assume cancer and do cancer cure protocols? Because the procedure is the same for curing malignant and non malignant tumors. The only difference is the malignant tumors clear up so much faster. Malignant tumors are hyper active, wanting to disintegrate and digest the poisons fast. Support this process and the tumors dissolve to nothingness in a few weeks. Therefore malignant tumors are desirable because healing is much faster.

Note: Cancer is NOT caused by out of control multiplication of “cancer cells”. That is a completely B.S. concept fairy tale brought to you by the cancer $$$ industry.

The cause of Uncle A’s lung cancer are the following items:

  1. Coffee addiction. In his own words he has to be weaned like a baby from the bottle. He brags about drinking 10 servings of coffee a day. Not cups, but MUGS! He used to drink 10 MUGS of coffee a day, that is his water. In the past few months he had toned down to a mere 6 MUGS of coffee a day. The usual 3 in 1 coffee with what is passable for instant coffee plus instant creamer with umpteen chemicals you cannot pronounce and either sugar or artificial chemical sweetener. Unbelievable pollution. Unbelievable drug stimulation every single day. No wonder the pulse reader said my uncle was very very tired.
  2. Old injuries in his back. He never saw a chiropractor to correct them. Spine has defects, neck has defects.
  3. SAD Diet. Standard American Diet, or Standard Urban Diet aka the television diet, buy what is advertised and behave like those actors on television, imitate the advertisements. They have packaged crackers… all the time… manufactured junk… causing post nasal drips with all that wheat. Plus the usual breads, white bread, wheat bread, pan de sal. Plus probably the spread they out on the bread… poison margarine. Plus their cooking oil… gmo canadian oil aka canola oil which is gmo rapeseed… inflammation causing. Plus insecticide laden white rice. Plus over cooked intensively farmed animals. Condimented with packaged manufactured chemical flavorings imitating natural flavors. All eaten in combination. Bad digestion.
  4. Late sleeping habits. Wanting to catch wrestling. Hey, I like wrestling myself. But Uncle A stays up to more than 12 midnight every night just to catch wrestling. This means he is missing the healing sleeping time of 10pm to 2am reportedly the best time for healing sleep.
  5. Stress from his mother and now recently deceased father. He is the loyal son who is tasked to take care of them. Though his mother lives in a separate hut at the back of his house, she is a constant and annoying royal pain. Must be her personality. And it is common. As our anthroposophic doctor explained, these extremely old people leech energy / leech life force from younger people.
  6. Beta Blocker drug dependancy for more than 15 years. Drugs are no good, especially this drug. It keeps the heart from raising pressure and beating fast enough to overcome things it needs to overcome, such as blockages.
  7. Steroid inhaler abuse. Although Uncle A had overcome his asthma for quite some time, he still brings a steroid inhaler in his pocket every day for safety. He puffs it every now and then just to check if the inhaler is working. This is like every day. Steroids suppress the normal function of the immune system.
  8. Alcohol, used to drink a lot. But has stopped for some years now.
  9. Smoking. He has been a heavy smoker for a good number of years.
  10. Not allowed to exhibit fevers. He has consistently taken paracetamol at the onset of every fever which happens rarely in the first place. Fevers are cleansing processes. Do not suppress fevers.
  11. Constipated and dirty organs. Constipated colon… poop every other day only, constipated kidneys… always afraid of high blood pressure, constipated liver… as diagnosed with gall bladder stones… only happens when colon and kidneys are constipated first… as liver is the backup organ.

So what is Uncle A’s lung cancer cure protocol? How about addressing all of the above?

Must be salt free diet. Salt free.

Plus follow the cancer cure protocol at