Listen here all you who are suffering from acid reflux. You know your medication is not working. You know your pharmaceutical drugs are not working. You have been in and out of your doctor’s office and you get prescribed various drugs and none of those drugs have worked so far. This is what is currently happening to my landlord’s right hand girl. She’s bloated and in pain. So I couldn’t help it, I gave in to my good samaritan mode and gave her my 2 cents on how to cure acid reflux… TOTALLY CURE it.

It’s easy, first you have to realize that acid reflux is just caused by constipated intestines. All those wheat based muck you have eaten has constipated your pipes. It’s time you cleaned those pipes. This is called COLON CLEANSING. The cleaning of the colon, the cleaning of those pipes called the colon.

My first choice for cleaning the colon is Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. Take 1/2 cup every night before bed for 5 straight nights. Get ready for war in the toilet every morning as you struggle to expel all that muck. Do it now. Pain is no joke. Clear your colon now and your acid reflux will be gone in 5 days.

If you have no access to Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, you can take 60ml of castor oil every morning for 5 straight mornings. Same effect as Dr. Tam’s, get ready for war.

Where to get Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea?

What if you are in the province? Call up their main office and ask them for a dealer near you. Or you can ask them to send via LBC special arrangement.