Mang Ben is currently 58. He is a long time professional plumber. He has been doing plumbing for me since 2006. Today he says he is cured of his liver cancer. I did this interview with him last Tuesday October 12 after he did our new office plumbing. The videos are in Tagalog so only fellow Filipinos will be able to understand what he is saying. But here is a gist of the videos:

Mang Ben had liver pain in 1997. He was diagnosed with liver cancer. Hospitals in East Avenue wanted to do needle biopsies and surgery but he refused all of that flat out.

He was always tired, constipated and in pain.

By 2001 he had lost all erections.

In 2006 he met me in one of his plumbing jobs. In 2008, seeing he looked quite sick, I talked to him and Mang Ben confided that he had liver cancer and given only 6 months to live. I taught him the principles of curing cancer via my website in a one on one session.

Given his background and learning capacity I merely taught him Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, then egg yolk liver flushing with just native eggs, calamansi and virgin coconut oil.

How does Mang Ben measure his liver cancer cure?
– no more pain
– lots of energy
– feeling of youth
– erections are back after an 8 year loss, young 2nd wife is happy they now have
sex 2 times a week.

Mang Ben is currently 58 and his wife is currently 31 so you understand why being able to perform sexually is important to him and his wife.