Raw Bitter Melon Testimonial of a mid 60s senior obese man who had a hypoglycemic episode, then measures blood sugar levels and found borderline diabetic high blood sugar levels. He found raw bitter melon information saying it allowed the body to absorb carbohydrates normally and maintain blood sugar levels.

I attribute this improvement to my less than a week of raw bitter melon fruit regimen. I eat my normal diet plus:

First, boiled and pureed bitter melon fruit.

Second, fresh raw and pureed bitter melon fruit.

Third, fresh raw and pureed bitter melon fruit added with two tablespoons of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

The past 2 weeks I take one capsule of 200 mg freeze-dried “Bitter Melon” fruit dietary supplement( manufactured in Oregon).

Tonight I prepared bitter melon salad. Just raw bitter melon with raw onions and my homegrown raw tomatoes.

I had my blood sugar levels and results showed 83 mg/dl. The test was done after 1.5 hours lang after lunch.

The normal blood glucose ranges are:

Before meals or after an 8-hr fasting—–90-130 mg/dl.

Two hours after meals———————Less than 160 mg/dl.

At bedtime——————————–110-150 mg/dl.

Fantastic, huh?

Bitter Melon works to regulate blood sugar levels… absolutely, absolutely.


That is how it’s done.
The power of raw bitter melon nutrition for high blood sugar levels, hypoglycemic episodes, diabetes type 2.
Super duper easy. Super duper fast.

If you missed my bitter melon video for diabetes, I posted it here in our forum