I was lucky yesterday to meet a great man named Edgar. We were talking with a common friend and found out that Edgar cured himself of psoriasis which began around 2008 and ended after 6 months of self treatment primarily with the ingestion of some 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every single day.

Edgar is a school principal by profession and his hobby is weight lifting. So you know Edgar is highly educated and his sport keeps him fit.

Edgar says his psoriasis began in 2008 and first appeared in his inner left thigh. He put some cream on it and it went away, but new ones reappeared in his body and lots more started popping out. He went to several doctors and they all said psoriasis, “incurable”, the usual mantra, steroids… where steroids were totally contraindicated in his weight lifting hobby.

Edgar voraciously searched the internet and books and found much needed info with Dr. Dayrit’s book on the benefits of coconuts. Edgar started supplementing with virgin coconut oil. He found out that taking up to 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil a day was beneficial to him. And after 6 months, Edgar became psoriasis free.

What is in virgin coconut oil that made it work for Edgar’s psoriasis case? Just like many illnesses, the human body today is not nourished, not cleansed by any source of raw fat. RAW FAT is the magic missing from many people’s diets. In Edgar’s case, virgin coconut oil was the only raw fat available to be utilized by his body and it did the job. His intestines were cleansed, his body was nourished and he got well.

All hail raw fat. Admittedly, most virgin coconut oil brands taste bad. You have to find which brand you like. Personally, I think virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are far secondary sources of raw fat. I believe raw animal fat is far and beyond the best raw fat there is for humans. But for most people who do not have the benefit of raw animal food information yet… virgin coconut oil will do… and it works!