Here is the simplest, fastest, cheapest way to alkalize your body quickly: drink a cup or a glass full of raw kamote tops juice — sweet potato tops — tops of leaves. In that 1 or 2 glasses per day, the most acidic bodies will cool down and alkalize quickly. Great for people with bleeding / hemorrhaging problems like dengue fever, internal cervical bleeding, intestinal bleeding – this drink thickens your blood. Use wisely.

These are sold 6 pesos per bunch in our mini wet market / talipapa in the village. I got this bunch just as it was picked and delivered around 6:45am.

How to make this raw kamote tops juice drink:

  • Buy your kamote tops bunch
  • Remove the leaves one by one.
  • Do not include the tip most tiny leaves as they taste too bitter, or your healer may wish to include those for another purpose.
  • Wash the leaves.
  • Pound with a little water.
  • Strain the juice out, no fiber needed.
  • Add some filtered water.
  • Drink up. Wait 10 minutes before ingesting anything else.
  • 1 bunch makes 2 cups.

It doesn’t taste bad. it tastes pretty good for those who need it. Our tastes vary according to our current body needs.

Good supplement for those who eat all of their meat cooked like those on cooked meat paleo diet.

Kamote tops are generally organic and safe. They grow too well in the Philippines. Nobody bothers spraying them with herbicides or insecticides because they grow so well. Plant some in your own garden if you like.

See the gallery of pictures how this raw kamote tops juice is prepared: