A grumpy vegan / vegetarian named Corin lashes out at Raw Paleo Dieters like me for being excessively healthy:

“Other things that many people notice in people who adopt a raw animal product diet is that these people become very primal physically and sexually, often becoming quite “beautiful,” attractive, sensual, and I have noticed an excess of promiscuity among “primal” practioners, as have others. Yet this is all part of returning to an animalistic nature. Additionally there is the ego jolt people get on the diet from consuming other animals and getting power from it. This of course is a false sense of power however, and I shudder to think of all the bad karma these people are creating from a misused sense of power.”


Okay… now we raw paleo dieters are too healthy for our own good.

Come on, it’s like that eye surgeon who said to my friend that his problem was from not healing on a SAD diet to excessive healing on a raw paleo diet he has to sabotage his health by prescribing health sabotaging steroids.

It’s like the secret of beautiful dogs winning dog shows is a raw food diet. The winners actually trash the commercial dog food they win at the show.

It’s like my plumber I cured of terminal liver cancer (6 months to live) and was impotent for 8 years… is now a raging playboy at 59.

So our laundry woman (who I cured of gout) doesn’t want me to teach her husband health gaining techniques because she doesn’t want him fooling around, without health, he can’t fool around.

Vegan Corin goes to more extremes:

“I know that I would rather let the cancer take me than to take the life of another animal, because deep down I know that action will take me backward spritually.”

Oh you’d rather die of cancer or malnutrition, now would you? Really? Somehow, that is not what the other vegan gurus have done when they realized their vegan folly was going to kill them. They turned to animal foods and gained vigorous health.

Then this Corin quotes David “ant eating” Wolfe:

“Eating raw animal flesh is better than cooked animal flesh for a time and people will feel better until the body begins to accumulate the unmitigated death enrgy (karma) of the animals, and then the trouble starts.”

Gross… so many vegan dead end lies… condemning 127 million Japanese for bad karma? So sashimi is bad karma huh? Are vegans demonstrating against Japanese restaurants in your city?

More lies:

“An animal is quite difficult to kill.”

This is full of bull. Fishing is easy, gathering shells is easy, setting traps is easy, insects and frogs are easy, ducks and chickens are easy, hunting big game is so easy they were probably eaten out of existence. Maybe veganism constricts creativity.

She admits raw paleo dieters get in balance with germs… yup, that’s true… but she’s deathly afraid of parasites!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Only someone anti-animal meat eating could be so skewed. And she mentions curezone.com where people are obsessed with all the various inventions for killing parasites: Beck Machines, Zappers, Beam Ray, Rife, Herbal Dewormers plus drugs… and yes I myself am armed to the teeth against parasites if they cause havoc.

In stand by at home is Barefoot Herbalist MH dewormer and Zappers and I’m super friends with a top notch Beam Ray operator. And I’m not the main beneficiary of these anti-parasite tools, it’s usually my wife who likes her meat cooked. When I was on SAD diet I used Humaworm and Barefoot Dewormer and Zappers to rid myself of parasites.

Parasites are an ever present possibility for anyone and being armed to the teeth like we are at home is comforting.

Now check out more griping of this vegan against raw paleo dieters with excessive health:

“It may be nice to be beautiful and sexually attractive again, as well as to have your health back, but on our death bed, when we have very likely lost our sexual charisma and perfect skin, regardless of how physically beautiful we were on the outside or of how many people were attracted to us, it will be our internal qualities that we have developed in our lifetime that will give us spiritual rewards, not our external physical qualities, regardless of our belief system. When we die, no matter how beautiful our body is, it will be the actions we took while in that body that will live on, not the body itself.”

Well excuuuuseee me, when you have been deathly sick, and veganism and fruitarianism gives you nothing but detox and malnutrition, don’t people deserve to be HEALTHY FOR A CHANGE?

I mean isn’t it great to have ABUNDANT HEALTH for a CHANGE? Isn’t it great when a flu or a cold goes around the village and the household but only the raw paleo dieter does not get sick so he gets to care for the sick people?

I’m 41, almost 3 years on a raw paleo diet and I’m healthier than when I was 16, than when I was 21, then when I was 26, than when I was 31, than when I was 36. The only thing that is a threat to me in this 3 years of raw paleo dieting is SAD food where sometimes I have to “socialize”.

What all this shows is you cannot make everyone happy because this fault finding vegan will fantasize about BAD KARMA superstition just for the heck of it and convince a few sick people to never want to be healthy because being too healthy is BAD. You might be too sexy and too promiscuous…animalistic… it’s better to die of cancer… NOT! My 59 year old plumber chose cancer cure with a lot of raw egg yolks.

I’ve been there, done that, been in an “incurable” to die for diseased state before in 2005, it wasn’t fun and I chose health. I stumbled onto raw paleo diet and it’s just amazing. I never thought I could achieve this amount of personal health. I may not be as “healthy” as other people, but in my 41 years on earth, this is my personal best.

I now help cure people of their incurable diseases… and raw paleo diet does it best… does that make me bad?

So how about you? What would you choose? Death or Excessive Health?