Our 7 year old boy Mish figured in an accident this aftenoon. We were having a grand family reunion party and there were a lot of children and a lot of running. My wife and I were enjoying the festivities when my sister in law called out to us that Mish was crying and bleeding profusely from the top of his head, figured in some kind of accident no one really saw.
Three of us came to a quick rescue: Me, my wife, my wife’s cousin and MD pediatrician Dr. Gindra. In calm but swift movements, I got all 3 forms of cayenne we got in the kitchen: cayenne tincture, dried cayenne bits, cayenne fine powder. My wife comforted our crying boy. Dr. Gindra put pressure on Mish’s head with a towel.

It was hard for us to discern where exactly the gash / open wound was in a head full of hair. So I just scattered a lot of dried cayenne bits at the general location of the bleeding. Then it seemed that the cayenne bits were too big to penetrate through the thick head of hair, I poured a lot of cayenne tincture in the general area of the injury. We finally saw the 1/2 inch gash wound. Then decided to dump a lot of fine cayenne powder which would surely penetrate through the full head of hair. Then Dr. Gindra continued to put pressure with a towel on top of our boy’s head.

Complication was some cayenne got into Mish’s eyes so he was crying and in pain not only from his head injury but also from his eyes burning with cayenne. My wife got some water and washed his eyes thoroughly. In a few minutes there was some relief and his eyes were no longer in pain. Mish did feel some pain with the cayenne tincture and the cayenne powder but that quickly subsided to nothing in some 10 minutes. We tied a hanky at the top of his forehead to safeguard his eyes from falling cayenne powder from his head.

Mish was later watching the performances. Then he was in an eating junk food party binge with some limited cake and some limited ice cream which we monitor and allow from time to time, this is the grand family reunion that happens once a year.

Then in the early evening Mish was gleefully punching and kicking at some empty boxes. Seems the boy is well now.

Mish was able to tell me how his accident happened. He says he was walking or maybe running after a cousin and he stubbed his right foot at the soil just before the step and posts. He fell and banged the top of his head at the corner of the post.

Mish took a short bath with a dipper and just wet himself neck down. Drying up he now made faces.

Just about to sleep he put on a kind of plastic bonnet so that the cayenne bits from his head don’t make a mess and fall all over the bed.
The lesson in this accident treatment addressing is:

  • it pays to be prepared with the materials you need to treat accidents, in this case we had 3 forms of cayenne at home
  • don’t panic, have a well laid out, well rehearsed plan of action which at this time was to comfort, treat with cayenne, apply pressure
  • observe the patient, don’t let him sleep, wait a few hours to see that there is no brain damage

The result was, no stitches needed. The wound will heal itself and seal itself with the help of cayenne. No infection will be possible as the cayenne tincture already took care of disinfecting with the vodka / ethyl alcohol content in it.

Superior healing with cayenne yet again. No stitches needed. See our gallery of pictures for this gash treatment with cayenne.