It is quite frustrating to learn of people you know who are desperate to get well from some medically incurable disease and they save up and splurge for that idiotic, expensive, fear-marketed, fear-pushed… solution / poison called chemotherapy. If it makes tremendous amounts of money… keep drug pushing it. And eventually, these hapless sorry fearful people will succumb to this utter B.S.

This past month I’d heard my uncle chose chemotherapy, a teacher in my childrens’ school chose chemotherapy, and a customer bank owner chose chemotherapy. What I do know personally is how my uncle chose chemotherapy.

My uncle thought eating raw liver was icky. My uncle thought eating raw meat was icky. My uncle thought eating raw fat was icky. My did not even bother to follow through with his vegetable juicing. My uncle didn’t find it in his will power to stop smoking or to stop drinking coffee. My uncle didn’t choose to try and do a 3 day vco detox to reduce his tumors. My uncle refused spending for a 2 month stay in Manila so I could treat him personally. My uncle and his wife did not see the worth of spending some money with the great healer Vander Gaditano.

But my uncle and his wife had the “emergency money” and emergency urge to ask relatives for money for chemotherapy drugs and hospitalization! They are blowing all their cash now. Of course I hope it “works” so I don’t say a thing now they have chosen that path.

From my point of view and from the point of view of the knowledgeable real healers, they are tons insane! Insanity caused by fear. Herded into this money trap designed to make money for some industry selling some far fetched hope it will reduce tumor size with poison. While hoping not to kill the patient themselves.

Hello hello hello, true health is a lot simpler than your common medical imagination. You have to surrender and get back to being human. Back to eating raw everything including raw fruit, raw meat, raw fat, raw internal organs and sucking in the beneficial germs and parasites that go with it while removing pollution from your body.

To raise the probability of healing you of your crisis situation, always turn to Vander. I keep hammering to my friends and family, the solution is Vander Vander Vander. If I were sick and desperate, the answer is Vander… he is my knight in shining armor. He knows what I don’t know, he treats you hands on, 24 hours a day, his food, his materials, his exercises, his detox… he has a system, a system that works. 30 years experience man, what more can you ask for? I would blow my money on Vander, all the time, the first time, while you have your organs intact, un-butchered and un-poisoned.

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