I’m sifting through the comments in my health blogs and I see a pattern of some people who are really into specific products, believing in the power of products. Stop. The true power is knowledge. Know the way healing works, then you can choose the product or find alternative products, or make your own product to address your illness. Some products may just not be available in your part of the world. Some products are not as transportable as others. Sometimes cost is a big factor.

For example, the very popular in Manila, Philippines Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for colon cleansing. It’s really good. But there are shipping problems to far away places because it is fragile and spoils in 24 hours. But you can always get other products in your part of the world that will do the same thing. I know I can get Barefoot LBB or Schulze LBB or get Colosan or Oxypowder. Or I can do a raw fruitarian diet for 3 days or more. It is the same for every detox protocol. No one product is irreplaceable. There is always a substitute you can use.

In nutrition, people are beholden to brands of supplements. Come on. Real food is immensely more powerful than any of those supplements. Raw liver or pounded kamote leaves are more powerful than any B12 shot or iron supplements, and adrenal glands can make you cross eyed if you eat too much.

Read up and re-read this cure manual. Learn the principles. I’m an engineer so the concept of principles is easy for me to fathom. There are many ways to solve problems as long as you follow and understand the principles behind the cures.