My children have coughs and colds again. And I’m letting my wife do her way with them. My wife herself is taking some anthroposophic medicines. My children are also being given anthroposophic medicines. Plus now they are being given home nebulizer treatment. And all because and for what? To support the idiotic constant pollution of cooked meat and cooked rice and the absence of raw fat in their diet?

By contrast, I live a far simpler life. I live a life of a raw paleo diet and lifestyle. I eat raw meat, raw animal fat, raw fruit and few raw vegetables. I shampoo my hair twice a month, and I soap minimally with organic soap. I don’t take drugs, I don’t take herbs, I don’t do machines, I don’t bother going to doctors.

And you know what? We live in the same house! And I share 50% genes with the children. They say they’ve inherited my eczematic sensitive skin tendencies… but I have super clear skin today, because I’m on a raw paleolithic diet.

I do hope you appreciate this comparison and contrast of results. Cooked rice is no good. Cooked meat is no good. My life is heaven while my children needlessly suffer from skin itches, coughs and colds and use anthroposophic medicines and herbs as crutches to live. It isn’t right.

It’s a constant struggle for parenting at this stage. I am hopeful that one day this folly of cooked food plus constant medication be dropped and the entire family follows my raw paleo diet ways. 3 whole years of success on raw paleo diet, it is good to always be healthy, it isn’t unbelievable, it’s real. Life is a whole lot simpler on raw paleo diet and lifestyle.