Read the cry for help of a friend to show studies that birth control pills are BAD for women’s health they are likely to suffer a myriad of lifetime disabilities and injuries.

andvanwyk asked:

Does anyone have any decent links showing the dangers of birth control pills? A friend of mine’s little sister is being forced on it by her parents. She’s 14 years old and might have to suffer a lifetime of gut dysbiosis etc. due to this, so we’d like to show the parents some good information and write ups about it before they jump head first into this decision.


ys answered:

you don’t need any links, it is all there in the fine print, either on the package or inside the package, just read side effects section, death is just one of the listed side effects.

Wow, talk about culture shock and Nazism. Nazi parents. Whatever happened to “FREEDOM” to choose… to be HEALTHY. Whatever happened to freedom to choose to have healthy natural reproductive baby making sex?

Oh I get it, in the 2011 contraceptive Nazi mindset, you can do any deviant sexual acts as long as you don’t get PREGNANT. As if PREGNANCY is the GREATEST EVIL IN THE WORLD!

There are loads of evidence against contraceptive birth control pills and related paraphernalia, drugs, hormones, patches, injectibles, etc. Here is a link to just one of them.

Just Say “No” to Birth Control Pills
By Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.

Being injured and dying and suffering at the hands of birth control pills is a BAD THING.

People need and want to reproduce, it is in our human nature… This is a GOOD THING. What needs to be done is to channel that reproductive life giving energy to something good. Marry off the children and have a family… this is a GOOD THING. At least you know who’s banging your daughter and you do approve of the guy banging your daughter… and you don’t call it banging anymore, it’s call making love… possibly making baby love… this is a GOOD THING. It’s what the ancient institution of marriage was for… Marriage is a GOOD THING. And parents get the bonus of becoming doting grandparents to nice cute grand kids. (or is having grandkids now out of fashion too? ) Babies and Grandchildren are GOOD THINGS.

The trick is, you don’t marry off a young girl to a young lad who has no financial ability. You can marry off the 18 year old girl to a 28-32 year old man who is well ready to settle down, makes a good living, can finance several children… this is a GOOD THING. The obscene culture of contraceptivizing children to contraceptively fornicate with fellow children hypergamously at the moment of their sexual awakening until their sexuality tapers off in their late 20s and 30s is just sick and obscene. And I’m saying this from a paleo diet and lifestyle health perspective.

No raw paleo dieter uber health buff will ever agree to these dangerous drugs called birth control pills. And for what? To worship at the feet of the contraceptive culture of PREGNANCY IS THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD that can happen to a teenage girl? So a sexually awakened healthy teenage girl is to be POISONED by proven track record very dangerous drugs so that her natural healthy sexuality is sabotaged so she can be temporarily neutered until she ages beyond her 30s and only then do you stop neutering her with these proven dangerous drugs so she can then “try” to make a baby?

In the twisted and evil contraceptive mindset of the 21st century, getting pregnant during the natural / biological / “God given” years of 14 to 28 are unacceptable TOO YOUNG ages. These ages are only fit for contraceptive sex since pregnancy and mothering at these ages are considered TOO YOUNG… and will supposedly DESTROY THE FUTURE of their daughters. Did you Christians know that God blessed Mary with the child Jesus at age 14? Or did you misread that and thought Mary was 40?

The brainwashing, the complete flipping, the complete opposite of GOOD and BAD and GOOD and EVIL is complete. 21st century people are bereft of any guidance. Yet you do not need to believe in the superstitions of deities when you follow HEALTH… TRUE HEALTH… as nature intended as your true GOD intended.

Being sexually awakened in the teenage years is NATURAL. It was only until 1990, that Philippine civil laws were changed to raise the marrying age from 14 to 18. Humans have not evolved that fast. 14 is a viable reproductive age, a sexual age. The peak reproductive ages of females is still around 18 to 24. Yet the twisted mindset of 2011 thinks getting married or getting pregnant between the ages 18 to 24 is the highest of tragedies for women!

All I care about is true health, the true nature of humans and the way our biology works. Living this life will be easier and in better harmony if you follow human biology and you adjust everything else. Instead of trying to twist human biology into something nature never intended it to go. You will and do get very bad consequences. Your women are sick, they slut around for many years, they become diseased and infertile, unmarried and alone. Of course this is all planned brainwashing programming by the powers that be circa NSSM 200. The brainwashing is complete. 1984 George Orwell was correct.

In case you missed it. Birth control pills are baaadddd for your health. Wish them on your enemies, not on your loved ones like your very own precious daughters.