Cancer cure basics: Eat a Raw Paleo Diet.  In this sample video I show the basics of eating raw meat and raw fat.  In this case, I have a big chunk of grass fed sirloin beef.  I hang it in the refrigeration to gain good bacteria which keeps the taste fresh.  This chunk of meat is some 3 days old.  In this example I use scissors and my fingers to eat.

It is 2:30 and I had not had lunch yet.  I came from the kids’ school for a meeting with teachers.  This is a late lunch.  Raw meat tastes a whole lot better when you are hungry.

How to eat raw beef like this.  Cut in swallowable enough sized pieces. Chew just enough to swallow.  Maybe 10 chews?  Up to you.  Eating raw meat is different from the SAD diet of being instructed to chew until liquified.  No.  That is not the way with raw meat.  You only chew enough to taste and to swallow. The digestion of raw meat relies on the bacteria, the meat’s enzymes and your stomach’s digestive acids and liver bile.  Raw meat is easy to digest, some 1 hour for me, and it does not make you sleepy so you get on with work.

You feel a different kind of fullness with raw meat.  Your taste for the meat changes fast.  So you stop eating.  After digesting for an hour, your stomach is empty, but you aren’t necessarily hungry.  So it is a wonderful and new feeling for you to have an empty stomach and not hungry.  Newbies at first will be confused feeling that an empty stomach means they are hungry.

Plus with raw meat, this satisfies my thirst.  I may eat a hydrating fruit, like a mango maybe 30 minutes later.  Like that little girl waving around her mangoes in the background.

Eating raw meat is basic for all cancer cures. Raw meat with raw fat is your true and majority food. Raw fat is the magic ingredient your body has been looking for all this time.

By the time I shot this video, I had eaten more than 1/2 of my lunch. So you are seeing me eat only half of my lunch.

With a raw paleolithic diet, we will not be talking about idiotic vitamin and mineral specifics and idiotic supplements. We will be eating real raw human food which the human body recognizes and assimilates better without overdosing. Our body automatically knows what to do with the materials it is given.

There are more nutritious food stuffs like raw liver and raw bone marrow so we may get into those in future videos.