A large part of the cancer cure manual protocol includes eating a lot of RAW ANIMAL FAT in your diet as part of your raw paleo diet that you should be following. Raw animal fat is cleansing, lubricating, nourishing, hydrating. Raw fat is the single biggest and most important food missing in all of those popular diets from vegan, fruitarian, macrobiotic diet, atkins diet to cooked paleo diet… and this is the biggest mistake of all those healers and nutritionists… not including raw animal fat. RAW ANIMAL FAT is the big bomb, the big part of your cancer cure diet.

raw bone marrow (left)

In this video I demonstrate how I eat raw beef bone marrow. I bought this this morning in the wet market. Beef killed around 12 midnight and I’m eating this around 1:30pm, never refrigerated. Just look at that gorgeous yellow bone marrow. Yum. Better than any butter ever invented. And if you are on a low carbohydrate diet, raw animal fat, bone marrow is really very satisfying.

To make my demonstration more civilized, I used a high quality 18/10 stainless steel teaspoon that fits right in the bone marrow cavity. As you can see this is unrehearsed, a regular lunch. My wife comes in and tells me our 2nd son got curious and looked at the sun through a magnifying glass and hurt his eye.

To those of you who have some apprehensions eating raw bone marrow, let me keep you company with this video while you eat your raw bone marrow. It’s good for you. Remember to get grass fed. You can get bone marrow in beef, carabao, lamb, goat. Other sources of raw animal fat are raw live back fat, raw eggs, raw fatty fish.

Raw FAT is a must if you want to be 100% cancer cured! And raw fat is a must if you wish to remain cancer cured for the rest of your life!