Cancer cure diet is raw paleo diet. Raw fat, raw meat, raw vegetables and raw fruit. I’d like to add that it includes raw internal organs such as liver. Liver is one of those most nutritious foods. When I eat tiny fish whole, I get to eat everything in it, including the liver. If you are eating a larger animal, they may have big livers so you only eat a part of it. Here I demonstrate one way of eating raw liver.

How to Eat Raw Beef Liver as part of your raw paleolithic diet for cancer cure. Here I demonstrate how I eat fresh raw beef liver. Some people like adding onions for flavor so I demonstrated this as well. Some people like blendering the onion with the liver.

And here is another way of eating raw liver with a hot oriental girl which some of you may find more appealing.

So the next time you feel you need to up your B12, don’t take B12 shots, eat raw liver. Look for organic / wild. Choose your liver that it looks really healthy. Do not eat diseased looking liver.

When you check in with a live in healer like Vander Gaditano, he will feed you goat livers in his G-Power juice. If you do a Max Gerson protocol, the original protocol had raw calf livers in them. Hey, it works. One of the best supplements in the world.