When you are trying to cure cancer or any other incurable disease, the core principle is to change the human inputs to everything natural. Human beings are a wondrous creation. As long as we are given the optimal natural inputs in what we eat, breath and how to live, we are self healing creatures. It is as simple as that. The trouble with our materialistic society is that people have forgotten what it means to be natural. What is a natural human diet?  What is a cancer cure diet?

A natural human diet / a cancer cure diet has the following characteristics:
– it is easy to do and stick to
– it is completely satisfying
– it is healing

All you need to do is to let go of all the old western medical paradigms because all of them are flawed and wrong to the core. The “food pyramid” is totally wrong… worthless, disease causing, piece of garbage. The whole concept of cholesterol, heart disease, fat hysteria is absolutely wrong. The concept of introducing more fiber in your food is the complete opposite of what you should be doing. Turn off your TV, stop subscribing to commercial “health” magazines. Taking any maintenance drug reeks of absolute commercialism with zero benefit and all harm. You must begin life anew with a blank piece of paper. No commercialism, Raw Paleo Diet.

In the formation of humans until before agriculture, humans ate animals, plants and fruit aka meat, vegetables, fruit… all in their raw, natural states. Humans want fat, and crave fat. We are “fativores” and “nutritionvores”. Witness how humans just loved raw bone marrow, brain, liver in all those archeological sites.

Raw paleo diet is the easiest of all diets because it is our root evolved human diet. Think of what you would eat before fire was invented to cook. Look at all those horses and wild game drawn on the stone age caves. Cave men drew their favorite foods. Foods that were delicious and made them full and fed their families. And cavemen ate those favorite foods raw. Eating a lot of fatty raw animal food is easy, there’s not much chewing, just swallow.

Just how easy is raw paleo diet? I wake up, I eat some fruit in season. Later on I eat and drink a coconut. Around lunch I eat some 600 grams of beef with fat. Later on I eat and drink another coconut. No cooking. No fire. No stove. No condiments. All I need are a refrigerator, scissors, knife.

Raw paleo diet is easy to stick to because you get results fast, and you feel healthy, strong and you don’t get sick and you look younger than your peers. So you found the fountain of youth and health… that IS worth sticking to and worth raving about. Imagine, you have abundant health for all the things you really wanted to do. You are now strong enough for business, for sports, for playfulness, for travel, for romance. Make your list.

Raw paleo diet is completely satisfying. Eat as much as you want. Satisfy all your feeding requirements, all your hunger with raw paleo diet foods. And never worry about being hungry all the time, or craving for weird manufactured food, or worry about having to take some kind of supplement. If you have enough money, a raw paleo diet will fulfill all your nutritional requirements with extras. And a raw paleo diet will never make you obese. Your body is self regulating. It will always know what to do with real food.

Raw paleo diet is healing. The body is given all the raw materials it needs to get well and it will be able to supply all the enzymes needed for healing, all healing will be finished, presto… healthy human. No need for complicated balancing acts with artificial supplements. Listen to your deep instincts and your body will usually get it right.

The only hard part of shifting to an all raw paleo diet are for the following reasons:
– social, peer pressure
– addiction to condiments to make bad food taste good
– money, real food is expensive

So for anti-social people like me who are only interested in my health and healing, I will gladly dump social and peer pressure in favor of my personal health. If you are sick and truly want yourself to heal, you may have to choose to dump social, peer pressure so you can be healed.

Nowadays it is easier to dump cooked condimented food peer pressure because you can dump your old friends in favor of new friends at www.rawpaleoforum.com

Real food is expensive. Another reason why people are sick nowadays is because people are drowning in fake food, deficient food, dirty food, food that is unfit for human consumption. All those intensively farmed GMO feeds fed land animals and fish are non-foods. All those chemicalized vegetables and fruits are polluted to the core and unfit for human consumption. Real food is labeled organic / wild… in many industrialized nations… real food is expensive. Somehow I’m lucky I live in a country where livestock raising is mostly primitive, let the animals graze by themselves style, and the ocean fishing is still good and cheap.

So practicing a raw paleo diet, a return to the old evolutionary diet is an art that we need to revive, that we need to socialize about and do so in the support forum www.rawpaleoforum.com, our 21st century raw paleo diet global tribe. As of now, this is the one bright un-corrupted shining star in a material world full of disinformation for the sake of monetary gain.