Crusade: Free Cancer Cure Tutorials like –

I have altruistic cancer cure how to step by step knowledge and I want to help those looking to cancer cure themselves with step by step video tutorials like The Challenge.

I don’t want to put google ads and commercial banner ads on this because it distracts the audience.

Yes, my methods are cheap, effective and will work on everyone. No joke, so no wise cracks from those thinking this is a scam.

The goal is for everyone who wants a do it themselves at home cancer cure will be able to achieve cancer cure 90% of the time by themselves by following simple instructions with video and with support forum.

Think of it as open source cancer cure. If Linux can be the web server operating system of choice, this free cancer cure will save millions and millions of lives around the world.

I need your inputs on how to be able to:

– make this popular
– make this self sustaining financially (has to pay for its own hosting and staff assigned to it)
– I want this to last for years and years and years