I had a chat with a 41 year old messenger Mr. A. who frequents my office. He has diabetes, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction for 2 years. Poor guy. I asked for his age, and how old he thought I was. I showed him my driver’s license… we’re both the same age… but he looks so old and run down. It’s just that I know something he doesn’t and I wanted to share it with him that afternoon: Diabetes Cure, High Blood Pressure Cure, Erectile Dysfunction Cure Advice That’s Cheap and Affordable

Diabetes Cure:

– Eat 1/2 raw bitter melon every morning for 2 weeks, blender it, with skin and seeds on an empty stomach.

– Eat a high fat, low carb paleo diet, even cooked or partially cooked is fine. I said to go for duck eggs, cheap cuts of beef, even pork. Which means giving up grains and high glycemic foods.

– As a crutch for carbs, buy sweet potatoes.

– As a crutch for rice addiction cheating, eat only 1 cup of rice and add 3 raw duck eggs in it.

– Give up all commercial condiments.

High Blood Pressure Cure:

– Told him that high blood pressure is usually caused by constipated kidneys. Which are constipated because of colon constipation.

– Turned out his large intestine is constipated as well. He should have to take 60ml of castor oil each morning on Saturday and Sunday so he can poop out all the muck and colon cleanse.

– Then he should do the avocado leaves tea kidney cleanse in this website for 5 straight evenings.

Erectile Dysfunction Cure:

– When he has cleansed his colon and kidneys, he should proceed and do egg yolk liver flushes with duck egg yolks. 4 straight mornings. Rest for 3 days. Then 4 straight mornings again to repeat the cycle until all the foul smelling sewage in his liver are pooped out.

– After doing the egg yolk liver cycles above, he will regain his erections.

See? Real healing is cheap. Even a lowly messenger will be able to afford it. He can swap his medical expenses for paleo diet quality food. I did not charge for that consultation. I even took him to the wet market and showed him my food sources.

I hope he’s serious with it and gets well. It’s in his hands now.