Well, it’s official. After 5 years of erectile dysfunction, 47 year old Mr. O. is finally having erections and has successfully achieved semen emissions. Hallelujah, it’s alive! Mr. O is alive! In all of 5 years he never thought it possible, he thought he was just growing old, ED at 42 and that was it. He didn’t know that it was a health issue. He was merely unhealthy, and he just needed some nutrition and some cleansing.

The advantage of Mr. O is he is my neighbor and he is my driver. So some of what I know rubs off on him. And he mooches food in my kitchen so some nutrition rubs off on him. And he gets free apple cider vinegar, free one on one tutorial how to do egg yolk liver flushing. Even advice how to get rest and sleep while he is waiting for our kids in school.

You may think the cure for Mr. O’s erectile dysfunction was easy. Of course it is easy, but only if you knew how. Non profit healing rules! We rule because we don’t twist the healing protocol to line our pockets.