I’d like to relay a chronic, elevated high blood pressure cure testimonial by Ms. E. She and I have met a couple of times and each time she was interested in a bit of the how to cure her health ailments. A few weeks ago she was very interested, she says she has high blood pressure, she had high cholesterol readings and was taking medication. Now she was weak and she was unfit to come trekking up a mountain with us.

Ms. E. was truly interested in getting well, being cured, being free of medications. She took notes and I did provide notes on what specifically to do. These are the things she got to do:

I had taught Ms. E. that high blood pressure is usually just caused by kidney problems. The heart needs to pump much harder to increase the blood pressure so the blood can flow through and be filtered by the kidneys. But dirty kidneys make it harder for blood to flow. So clean the kidneys.

At the same time, high cholesterol levels means a dirty liver. You merely clean and nourish the liver at the same time. This is why I favor egg yolk liver flushing over the other methods because eggs nourish the liver, olive oil does not. A clean liver means cleaner blood, less pollution for the kidneys to filter out.

Ms. E. got to cycling back and forth between liver flushing and kidney cleansing and found healing. The last step was to get rid of the medication she was taking. I had taught her to monitor her blood pressure while on her blood pressure medication because her blood pressure might go down too low. Ms. E. got back to her doctor and said she was getting better, but not quite 100% and it seems she just needed to stop taking her high blood pressure drugs. No surprise, her doctor said she still needed to take his prescribed high blood pressure drugs.

Ms. E. did what any cured person needed to do. She dumped her doctor and his prescription drugs. She stopped taking the high blood pressure drugs. Ms. E. was free. She achieved new health heights!

Next step with Ms. E. is she is interested now to achieve even higher health heights she said she would join the raw paleo diet forum at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com