Some 3 months ago, my wife brought to my attention that she had long periods, extended periods.  Menstrual bleeding for something like 9 to 14 days.  And this has been going on for a year or more? That is husband and wife miscommunication for you. I’m the best healer in the village and I didn’t know about this? Well now I know so this is how we are going to treat it and hopefully come out healthier.

Since I live with her, I know her other various symptoms and her habits and her home environment. I know her recent history with not sleeping well, b12 deficiency, bad indoor air, lack of probiotics in her gut, which had all been solved.

The simple first aid to extended bleeding is freshly picked, raw kamote tops juice. Kamote tops are the shoots, leaves of the sweet potato plant. Pick a handful in the morning from your garden, pound it for its juice, add a glass full of water. Drink first thing in the morning, every morning while you have your menstrual period. When the menstrual bleeding stops, stop taking the kamote tops juice.

So it happened, the first month we tried this with my wife, she had a 9 day menstrual period. The next month was a 7 day menstrual period. Just finished this month she had a short 5 day period. Wow, 5 days huh? She’s never had that short a period as long as she can remember. Maybe that’s why I got some loving kisses this morning?

The danger with extended bleeding is that there might be polyps or fibroids. You know, tiny cysts. Tiny bleeding fibroids. There’s no real danger with those, dangerous only if your thinking is solely western medical of drugs and surgery. It is a simple matter that my wife is not eczematic, she does not throw off toxins through her skin, thus she has nice smooth skin. She is a tumor former. So all she needs really is clean nutrition, raw fats, raw meats, raw vegetable juices for minerals.

My wife is on a regular “healthy” Filipino diet of cooked organic / wild meats (fish is meat) and cooked organic rice. Which for me is sub-optimal. Humans are not supposed to be eating cooked food every single day, and not in such quantities as everyday sustenance.

I hope the day comes when she would at least shift to 75% raw foods, raw animal fats, but until that day comes, she should be happy that the treatment with RAW kamote tops juice has worked splendidly well.

Reference: How to Make Raw Kamote Tops Juice