I would like to clarify a mis-conception about the healing that I teach in my curemanual.com blog. Just take a look at my banner image, it shows meat… red meat… raw red horse meat and yellow fat. I would like to stress to you dear readers that I am not a vegan, and I do not promote veganism… at all. Veganism is that immature child who has yet to grow up into Raw Paleo Diet… and with healing, anything is fair game… as long as it works.

I would also like to clarify that I do not totally shun western medicine, what I have noticed, is that western medicine is only good for TRAUMA and emergency cases and they have diagnostic tools that should be picked apart on a case to case basis as a lot of their tools are very harmful.

Let’s take the case of my son last year who suffered from intussusception. We accepted the use of intra venous hydration, but it was too slow… I had to give a sugar and salt enema that had my boy bounce back to life in 1 minute. We accepted a ct-scan diagnostic on the BIG CONDITION that they do not inject our son with the DYE… because we know that the DYE is poisonous and has historically killed people. But the hospital solution for our son for surgery which at best case scenario they will replace his large intestine with a plastic tube (which he will have to live with for the rest of his miserable life), but there is still a 50% chance that he will die bleeding to death… was just UNACCEPTABLE. I am a healer, a manggagamot. It says so right in my business card. And seeing the failed ways and failed theories of western medicine again for the nth time, I acted on MY holistic skills and knowledge extended by calling fellow healers and consulting the work of a great doctor written 100 years ago. I totally cured my son by leaps and bounds more than the best to hope for solutions of that hospital to the utter disbelief of all the attending doctors. And they verified in their x-rays and ultrasound that my son was indeed 100% cured. It was easy, castor oil by mouth and VCO and EVOO via enema.

It is unfortunate that many healers these days claim they are holistic healers or claim all encompassing “alternative healers” are nothing more than detox junkies who think raw veganism is the answer to everything and detox is the answer to everything. Grow up into raw paleo dieters first and then let’s talk healing. Read up on Guy Claude Burger and Aajonus Vonderplanitz, ask Vander Gaditano to give you a personal seminar. Real healers do everything and anything practical and make do with what is available. Custom Diet, Supplements, Drugs, Herbs, Surgery, Electricity, Metaphysical / Faith Healing, etc. We sometimes call this Bayanihan healing / village healing / a collection of healers directed by the lead holistic healer who knows the beginning and end and total story of the patient. In my family, that’s usually me. At no point in time do I let any alternative healer or western medical doctor take the lead.

I did not make myself clear enough, some readers lump my writing in with those vegan misfit detox forever people. Take a look at my videos, I teach how to eat raw meat, I teach how to eat raw bone marrow, I teach how to eat raw fish, I teach how to do egg yolk liver flushes… do you understand? Raw animal food has a lot to do with healing because it is raw animal food, raw animal fat that is severely missing from people’s diets. It is raw fat that cleans livers, raw fat that cured my son of intussusception, raw fat that normalizes cholesterol levels, raw fat that heals kidneys and lowers high blood pressure… the same raw animal fats that vegans and western MDs are very much afraid off… that is why they fail and we succeed.

The issue of complementary medicine with western med as the lead role is unacceptable. Western med for me is a mere tool. I will use what I want and what I think is useful from it. I am the lead role with all the tools at my disposal. You should be the lead role with all the tools at your disposal. I will use carnivore theory, vegan theory, fruitarian theory, herbal theory, faith healer theory, energy medicine theory, surgery theory, drug theory, supplement theory… I don’t care… as long as it works.

It just so happens that in my experience, raw paleo diet and lifestyle has the biggest long term impact that cures 100%, makes people roll back their age and makes them well, without the need for inane exact “measurements” and “dosages”.

Below is our conversation via email:


People should seek REAL medical help if they have chronic ailments.
Some of the things stated here should only be used as a complimentary treatment for the main medical treatment.



Western medical is fake, quack, most harmful for chronic ailments / diseases.
Western medical should be shunned, avoided, shut out of chronic ailments / diseases.

The only good western medical can do is ONLY for trauma, emergencies.

Best wishes


I truly understand how you feel i was just like you before, i believe whole heartedly that the path of alternative medicine was the right and only choice for my gf who has been diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma. we did all that we can using naturopathy and alternative medicine as prescribed by her naturopathic/herbalist doctor from subic, we spent enormous amount of money on immune boosting supplements, her diet consist of raw vegetables,endless vegetable and fruit juice, her daily routine consisted of steam bath, 2-3 hrs full body charcoal wrap, light exercise and coffee enemas, for 2 years she endured only to watch her disease slowly progress.

Her body weight body weight was critically low, her blood count was below the normal limit and her mind was already at a breaking point because she followed everything to the “T”. Then after 2 painful years of doing everything soley at a holistic approach her cancer went to her pleura cavity thus water started filling up at her lungs, again she lost more weight and merely walking for a few feet without resting became nearly impossible. Then after spending the entire summer of 2010 at 3 different hospital her family decided for her to undergo chemotherapy. I was opposed to their decision, thinking that in her current condition she would be unable to endure her ABVD chemo regimen. But upon infusion of the medicine her enlarged lymp nodes shrank her over all health slowly improved.

Now she has finished 12 cycles of abvd regimen and 30 unfortunate days of radiotherapy. But due to the late treatment there are still some small tumors left and she will be under going additional chemo. Her overall health during the treatment was excellent as of now she is in excellent condition. We incorporated a few things we learned during her recovery phase such as coffee enemas and veggy juice. Had she decided to have chemo from the start she shouldnt have gone thru with those difficult 2 yrs of her life and would have eradicated the cancer from the very beginning.

Sorry for the long rant actually that is merely a summary of my experience, I studied alternative medicine for those 2 yrs and i became fanatically engrossed in it.
Then i also studied medical treatment on cancer and came to a realization that it is quite precise but comes with numerous side effect. Alternative medicine has its merits but entirely relying on it when you have a chronic ailment gives no guarantees. Also try to give time to study conventional medicine so that you can have a better idea on its workings. Honestly Im not a big fan of antibiotics, vaccines ,psycho therapy drugs or other maitenance drugs but not all of it is useless.
I still believe in alternative medicine but it has its limits and i have seen it.


Absolutely thank you for your great story and your genuine concern.

I do not classify myself as “alternative medicine.” (especially not those vegan, detox is forever drones) Rather I do anything and everything that works.

Your sister was unfortunate to be led astray by the vegan / vegetarian dogma that me, the raw paleo diet community, and my pro healer friend Vander Gaditano routinely criticize. If you read my blogs, not just in my website, I routinely say veganism does not work. At best, veganism is only detox. You will see my demonstrations have a lot of raw meat and raw fat in them.

In my case, I have healed many, many people, not just myself, or my family, but also friends. And I do so for free.

The only possible failures I see are people who refuse to eat raw animal foods.

There are western medical tools I will gladly use for diagnostics. Or in some cases like what happened to your sister, a scorched earth policy may be needed. Everything is… it depends. And it is unfortunate your sister had to endure 2 years of idiocy of that subic healer. Vander or I would never do such a thing. Sick people need to be monitored everyday and adjusted to every single day and everything and anything will be used… not wait for 2 years of lunacy like that. Vander himself is practical, if there are times, surgery is expedient, will use surgery as a TOOL, western medicine is a mere tool… it is not complementary as the “lead role”.

I’d love to feature our conversation in www.myhealthblog.org for people to learn of various experiences and points of views.

Tell your sister to explore raw meat and raw fat, raw paleo diet. We have an international support forum at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com where I post as GoodSamaritan.

Best wishes