Type 2 Diabetes is entirely curable. This lecture was delivered by diabetic cured Engr. DeWayne McCulley.

An ex-diabetic system engineer survived a near-death diabetic coma, weaned off insulin (4 shots a day!), and reversed his Type 2 diabetes within 4 months … and, now he is helping other diabetics prevent or reverse their diabetes every day! And, he can help you … you will be the next diabetic cured person on earth.

Diabetics usually have the most abhorrent lifestyles and wrong attitudes and wrong concepts of living habits and nutrition but DeWayne twists this around and makes fun of himself. Truth via comedy.

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Death To Diabetes (Reverse Diabetes) lecture by: DeWayne McCulley [author of the acclaimed diabetic book Death to Diabetes (ISBN 0977360741) lecture given to diabetes/cancer group, introduction by NHF director Sylvia Provenza; attended by daughter Cynthia McCulley

DeWayne comes from Pennsylvania State graduate, Xerox engineer, Hughes Aircraft, Urban League math tutor, Eta Kappa Nu honor society, Farrell High School, Shenango Valley

Engineer DeWayne McCulley teaches people how to eat to cure diabetes. The best protein, the best fats, the best carbohydrates. He has a breakfast protocol. The best fat for him is raw extra virgin olive oil. The best fatty protein is seared wild salmon and / or omega 3 egg. And the best carbohydrates are nutritious green broccoli or spinach vegetables lightly steamed. And for the liquid, filtered water. This meal is a synergistic super meal.

DeWayne shared in this lecture that he was asked to stop giving his lectures in diabetes gatherings because people were getting well, getting off of their medications. Which is something the sponsors of the lectures don’t like.

Come, invite your diabetic friends, invite your diabetic family. Pass this on to them share on Facebook. This is the cure. This is the way. This is how it is done. Very humorous, very good, very entertaining.

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