My guidelines to finding an autism treatment center is this: Their base diet must be a RAW PALEO DIET. Lots of raw animal fat in their diet plan. They must incorporate lots of different probiotics in their program. Of course since we are talking RAW paleo diet, it is assumed it is DAIRY FREE and GLUTEN FREE. If that autism treatment center does not have this core mindset, I would not consider them.

Here is an inspiring video of an autism cured boy who’s mother eliminated GLUTEN and DAIRY from his diet plus some digestive enzymes. I call this so so autism diet treatment but, it did the job. Chelation was involved too, maybe the boy had metals in his blood due to vaccines?

There are many funny things here from my perspective as a knowledgeable healer:

1. Why the news hosts have to pander so much to the western medical paradigm. You as the audience should plainly see that the western medical paradigm is all wrong… all wet on autism.

2. Why the mother of the boy has to conform so much to “society” by fashioning fake sandwiches which are gluten free. What’s with that? Just do away with sandwiches all together… they are not food.

3. There’s so much notion about conformity and being just like the rest. Do you people live in Nazi Germany? We should celebrate our individuality. The boy has different needs, the boy THRIVES on different needs… PALEO DIET. And there are a lot more paleo dieters out there around the world today.

I as a parent do not care about conformity, I do not care about the opinion of failed western medical experts… I only care is if it works, only care if your child is cured of autism. Raw Paleo Diet works, raw paleo diet will work… but you as a parent must practice raw paleo diet yourself first plus all the wonderful probiotics your child may need tested on yourself first.

If the treatment is dangerous or harmful to the parent, then it is not worth giving it to the child. Parents must be the guinea pig. Be 2 steps ahead of their children, then apply their knowledge to their children.

Note: Raw Paleo Diet will have cured that autism case just the same. I cured my then 8 year old son’s TB by raw paleo diet with fresh raw beef and raw fat and raw beef muscle plasma (like blood) and some fruit every single day for 2 months. No drugs.

In this case of autism, maybe a lot of high meat and various probiotics would be needed as well.

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