People are afraid to fiddle with hospital protocol or doctors orders because they are not educated enough about healing to know better. For those who are beginning to know better, they do not want to be sued. Personally, I do not intervene in other people’s medical cases as I do not want to be sued either. But in the cases of my dearest loved ones like wife, children, parents, grandparents, best friends, people I am responsible for… I take every action to ensure their success and survival.

The most extreme examples are cases with my brother and my children. They are my responsibility. The choice of doctors, the choice of hospitals, the choice of healers, the choice of protocols and each and every step of the way are my responsibility.

If I had chosen to let the hospital do their way with my brother, he may have died. If I had let the hospital do their way with my child, he may have died. If I had let the hospital do their way with my grandparents, they may have died. If I had let the hospitals do their way with my best friend he may have died. It’s not luck. I am on to something. This is not theory, this is hands on practice.

The times I abdicated to the hospital medical system was pre-2005 when I did not know much about health. My wife had 3 c-sections. My wife had an appendectomy. My wife was hospitalized for upper respiratory infections. But in my 2011 knowledge, all this would have been prevented and would have had better, non-surgical outcomes.

Know that as a parent you have the absolute responsibility for your children’s outcome. Whether the correct decision was to agree to the doctor’s opinion, or whether you wish to choose a different path. There is no passing the blame or not wanting to be sued when it is your child’s life at stake. Children are our future, their survival is our survival, the continuity of our lives.

Our loved ones are too important to abdicate step by step decision making. I will be there to do what needs to be done and this cure manual is a legacy which I expect each and every descendant to preserve and read for future reference.