I decided to try reaching out to the common folk at GodLikeProductions.com and started a thread: I know How to Cure Cancer – Ask me How.  Pretty straight forward.  Let’s see how a bunch of conspiracy theorists will respond to my writing.  I posted under the name goodsamaritan55.

I began with:

I know how to cure cancer and many other diseases… hands on.

I know How to Cure Cancer – Ask me How

Cancer cure questions will be entertained in this thread.

Good, someone is interested and asks: “How?”

I gave my cancer cure outline:

Raw Paleo Diet

Real Detox Protocols for colon, kidney, liver, teeth, skin, parasite cleanses, etc.

Pollution Avoidance

Nurturing, Stress Relief

Paradigm shift away from the Medical Industry

Then someone smuggly comments: “So tell us something we don’t know.”

Awesome, that got the ball rolling and I proceeded to answer the something that THEY DON’T KNOW beginning with:

RAW PALEO DIET is eating:

– RAW Animal MEAT and Raw Animal FAT
– RAW Vegetables
– RAW Fruit.

You need to eat lots of paleo diet approved RAW RED MEAT and paleo diet approved RAW ANIMAL FAT.

Samples of raw animal fats: RAW Bone Marrow, Raw Brain, Raw back fat, Raw Suet, Raw eggs, etc.

Daily. Frequently. A large part of your diet.

RAW ANIMAL FAT is what you have been missing and avoiding all this time.

later on:

Cancer Cured People are on Raw Paleo Diet

and followed it up with:

And stay away from all drugs.
You must be totally drug free.
And cancer is easier and cheaper to cure than most people think.
And you can do it at home if you know how to follow instructions and read.

That was cool, they didn’t know that did they?

And I proceeded to enumerate many possible causes of cancer:

– Some cancers are metabolic disturbances.
– Some cancers are parasite driven.
– Some cancers are fungus / yeast driven.
– Some cancers are toxic blood challenged causes.

More on “tell us something we don’t know”:

Most people cannot recognize real cancer cure even if you slap them several times on their face with this thread.

A lot of them cannot imagine, cannot imagine, cannot imagine just how ridiculously simple cancer cure is.

Most people will blindly follow their hospital, their MD, their white coat RELIGION SUPERSTITION worse than any Muslim or Christian extremist.

Hospitals, MDs, PHarma companies and Med School extremists will never recognize this thread or this cancer cure because there is nothing in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for them.

and for those who question the rationality of MEAT in Cancer Cure: “do you personally kill the life of the meat you eat? there’s an energy to the meat you eat, make no mistake.”

In fact, you must be THANKFUL for the animal to give their life to YOU.

It is the order of life on earth.

We are top predator and we need their nourishment and thank them for their lives.

Freshly killed is best.

Open your own oysters, kill your own goat, witness your own beef being slaughtered, gather your own clams, crack open your own crabs, filet your own fish, gather your own fertilized eggs.

It’s back to NATURE and it is good.

continued with

Factory / GMO fed meat is a NO NO.
Those animals are TOXIC and SICK.

Cancer cure is founded on eating HEALTHY ANIMALS.

– Grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, grass fed horse, etc.
– Ocean wild fish: tuna, blue marlin, oysters, clams, shrimp etc.
– fertilized organic eggs

These are what are known as PALEO DIET approved animals.

So giving a forum lecture on how to cure cancer was fun for a few minutes. Maybe you would like to continue and ask over there at the GLP forum? I know How to Cure Cancer – Ask me How Click on to http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1503800/pg1