Dentists will tell you only they can harshly remove dental plaque in their dental office. it’s their education and their business to tell you this. What if I told you I found a way to remove dental plaque and it is free? Here is my technique:

Oil pulling. Oil pulling 20 minutes a day with virgin coconut oil. Every session you do an oil pulling immediately after spitting the oil, WITHOUT gargling, you wipe all your teeth with a towel. Wipe the top, wipe the outer and the inner teeth. Wipe especially on the plaque covered areas. Do this every day.

In less than a month and depending on how thick the dental plaque is and how consistent you are, the plaque will go away. Wiped out of existence.

Tooth brushes suck. I don’t brush my teeth. Oil pulling gives better results.

Why does oil pulling work?  The FAT in the virgin coconut oil dissolves and weakens the plaque.  Fat is the answer.

Oil pulling with virgin coconut oil is better than tooth brushing with tooth paste because:

1. Bristles can scratch gums and tooth enamel.

2. Toothpaste is not edible, may be poisonous.

3. Virgin coconut oil is nutritious and safe even if you swallow or eat or put on your skin.